Peile & Nicholson Directory of Whitehaven 1864


Christ Church, Preston Street, is a plain stone edifice, in the Norman style of architecture, built by subscription, at the cost of about £2,200 , and was opened for divine worship on the 28th of April, 1847. On the 29th of the following September it was consecrated, and constituted a parish church for all ecclesiastical purposes. It contains two bells in an open turret, surmounted by a cross. The sittings are entirely free, and will accommodate nearly 1,000 persons. The Rev. John RIMMER, of Woodhouse is rector, and the Rev. W. BARKER, B.A., is the curate pro. Tem. Clerk and Sexton: Mr. William DIXON. Organist: Mr. George GAY.

Service commences in the aforesaid Churches every Sunday at a quarter to eleven in the morning, and at half past six in the evening.

A Sunday afternoon service is held at St. James'; there is also an evening service at Holy Trinity every Wednesday evening, and at St. James' on all the Saints' Days and Holy Days. At. St. James' there is also two services, with sermons, on Wednesdays and Fridays in Lent and Advent, and Daily Services during Holy Week, with Sermons.

The Catholic Chapel (St Gregory), Coach Road, was erected in 18?4 by the late Rev. Father HOLDEN, on ground presented by the late Earl Of LONSDALE, also gave £100 towards the building.

Sunday Services. - 1st, 9.30a.m.; 2nd, 11 a.m.; Evening, 6.30
Rev. Father LYNASS, Parish Priest / Rev. Father CALDWELL, Curate

The Independent Chapel is in Duke Street, and is attended by a large congregation. Minister: The Rev. Wm. PLACE. Organist: Mr. Wm. McGOWAN. Service commences at half past ten in the morning and half past six in the evening.

The Presbyterian Congregationalist (Scotch Church) is in James Street, under the ministry of the Rev. Joseph BURNS. Service in the morning at a quarter to eleven and in the evening at half past six.

The United Presbyterian Chapel is in High Street. Minister: The Rev. Wm. DRUMMOND. Service commences at a quarter to eleven in the morning and at a quarter past six in the evening.

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