Peile & Nicholson Directory of Whitehaven 1864


And has been wonderfully improved of late years by the pulling down and altering houses and shops and erecting handsome and more modern buildings in their stead.

The markets are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and are well supplied with all kinds of farm and garden produce; particularly on Thursday, which is the principal day. Thursday is also the day for the corn and cattle market, which is held in Duke Street. The market place extends from the foot of King Street and Roper Street to Irish Street, and is surrounded with well stocked shops of every description. There were formerly two Market Houses, one for butter, eggs, poultry, &c., and the other for fish. This last, however, being nothing better than a nuisance, was pulled down, and the Refuge School ( a more useful building) erected on the site. The Fish Market is now held under a shed, erected for the purpose by the Trustees, along side the Timber Slip, but is not much patronized by the public, who prefer dealing at the various fishmongers' shops in the town.
The Butcher Market is divided into two parts by Chapel Street, viz., the low Market and George's Market. The Low Market extending to King Street is well fitted up with "stands," and is protected from the weather by a glass roof. It has no slaughter house attached, but a very convenient one is provided for the purpose in the New Town. George's Market, leading to Church Street, is a dilapidated looking place, and is vastly inferior to the other; it has, however, the advantage of the slaughter house being attached.
Both markets are the property of the Right Hon. The Earl of LONSDALE. On the whole the market accommodation is very defective, great inconvenience being felt by the want of suitable places for proper transaction of business; a Corn Exchange, for instance, is much needed in a town like Whitehaven, where the grain trade is very extensive.

Whitehaven returns one member to Parliament for the borough, and is the polling place for the election of members to represent the Western Division of the County of Cumberland.

There are four newspapers published in the town, viz. : The Cumberland Pacquet every Tuesday, The Whitehaven Herald, every Saturday, The Whitehaven Times, every Thursday, and The Whitehaven News every Tuesday and Thursday.

Whitehaven Castle, one of the residences of the Right Hon. The Earl of LONSDALE, is situated at the out edge of the town, on the road leading to Hensingham, Egremont, &c. It is a handsome, quadrangular building, fronted by a fine lawn, and surrounded by well wooded pleasure grounds and ornamental gardens.

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