Peile & Nicholson Directory of Whitehaven 1864



LANCASTER, Thomas, labourer, Howgate.
LONSDALE, Miss., High Moresby.
LONGMIRE, Mrs., Lonsdale Place.
LOWDEN, Samuel, school master, 6 Lonsdale place.
MARTIN, John, collier, Howgate.
McCLELLAN, William, "Rest and Be Thankful."
McCLELLAN, William, farmer, Croft Morris.
MOSSOP, Captain Clement, Lonsdale place.
NICHOLSON, Thomas, farmer, Sands Close.
PEILE, Mrs. Jane, Corner Cottage, Quality Corner. PEILE, Mr. Richard, Quality Corner.
PERRING, Rev. C. A., Lonsdale Place.
POOLE, Wm., blacksmith, Howgate.
QUIGLEY, William, coachman, Summer Hill.
QUIGLEY, Patrick, coachman, Hunting How.
RANDLESON, Wm., Esq., Croft Hill.
REED, Captain, Thomas, Green Gate.
REED, Captain, James, Lonsdale Place.
SALKELD, Joseph, Bransty Toll Gate.
SCOTT, Miss. Mary, Quality Corner.
SCRUGHAM, Miss. Margaret.
SCURR, Miss. Mary, washerwoman, Quality Corner.
SHAW, Thomas, pit steward, Moresby pit.
SMITH, James, High Bailiff of the County court, Tivoli.
STEELE, James, gardener, Eden garden, Croft Hill.
TATE, Miss. Hannah, Moresby Hall.
TREPNAY, P. C., com. Traveller, Quality Corner.
WATSON, Thomas, farmer, Middle Gill.
WEARY, Sarah, washerwoman, TIVOLI.
WHITTLE, Henry F., 5 Lonsdale Place.
WILD, Joseph, blacksmith, Parton Brow Top.
WILLIAMSON, John, farmer, Adam Gill.
WILSON, Wm., boiler maker, Howgate.
WILSON, Isaac, farmer, high
WILSON, Henry, gardener, Low Common Gate.
WOOD, Captain Joseph, Lonsdale Place.
WOODHOUSE, Rev. FLETCHER, M. A., Roseneath.
WORMALL, Henry, pensioner, Ivy Cottage.
WRIGHT, Thomas, farm bailiff, High Common Gate.
YATES, John, Esq., Kingston House.
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