Peile & Nicholson Directory of Whitehaven 1864


Moresby is a township, village and parish, 2 miles N. by E. from Whitehaven, on the Workington Road, in the Allerdale ward above Derwent, union of Whitehaven, and diocese of Carlisle, West Cumberland. In this township are several neat villa residences.

The parish comprises the townships of Moresby and Parton, containing altogether 1,980 acres of land; the township of Moresby alone containing 1,950 acres. The Earl of LONSDALE is the Lord of the manor.

The church of St. Bridget is a neat stone structure, and stands between the villages of Moresby and Parton; it has a square tower containing two bells. The living is a rectory, value about £120 per annum, in the gift of the Earl of LONSDALE, and is held by the Rev. Fletcher WOODHOUSE, M. A. The site which the Church occupies was a Roman station, and when the old fabric was taken down, 1822, may Roman coins were found in digging for the foundation of the present structure. “The Roman Station, Arbeia,” says HORSLEY, “appears to have been the most northerly of the stations, which were next to those per lineum Valli,” and in HUTCHINSON’s time it enclosed a square of 120 paces, with the usual obtuse angles. CAMDEN found many traces of antiquity here in the vaults and foundations. The parish abounds with coal &c.


ANDERSON, Thomas, collier, Bearmouth.
BANKS, Robert, proprietor of the Whitehaven times, Quality Corner.
BANKS, William, collier, Moresby Pit.
BARWISE, Captain Benjamin, Lonsdale Place.
BELL, Joseph, warehouseman, Howgate.
BIRCH, Mrs. Lonsdale Place.
BRAYTON, Mark, farmer, Aik Bank.
CARR, Mrs. Mary, Quality Corner.
CARSWELL, Robert, Esq., Lonsdale Place.
CHRISTOPHERSON, Thomas, cooper &c., keeper of the Whitehaven Powder Magazine.
CONNELL, James, Esq., Brisco Bank.
CORNTHWAITE, Isaac, labourer, Brisco Bank.
CREAR, Mrs. Sarah, farmer, Ulgill.
CROWE, John, labourer, Howgate.
DAVLING, John, engineman, Countess Pit.
DAVIS, Mrs. Elizabeth, Lonsdale Place.
DAVIS, Miss. Mary Ann, Lonsdale Place.
DICKINSON, Isaac, miller, Moresby Mill.
DIXON, Wm., spirit merchant, Gillhead.
DIXON, Isaac, farmer, Priestgill.
DOUGLAS, Daniel, Lythmore, Quality Corner.
DOUGLAS, Robert, draper, 1 Lonsdale Place.
DOWTHWAITE, Mrs. Jane, Howgate.
ELLIOTT, William, farmer, Canada.
ELLIOTT, William, jun., farmer, High Gillhead.
ELLIOTT, William, bank accountant, Howgate.
ELLIOTT, Miss. Martha, Bonny.
FELL, Jonathan, farmer, Moresby Hall.
FISHER, John, engineman, Countess pit.
FLETCHER, Henry A., Esq., (firm of FLETCHER, JENNINGS & Co.) Mill Grove.
FORRESTER, Miss. Ruth, Lonsdale Place.
FORSTER, Mrs. Hannah, Lonsdale Place.
FORSTER, Mr. John R., corn merchant, Lonsdale Place.
FORSTER, Mr. Robert, corn merchant, Lonsdale Place.
GARNETT, John, grocer, Quality Corner.
GILL, John, Labourer, Howgate.
GREGORY, Captain Joseph, Lonsdale Place.
GRAHAM, William, labourer, Towlow.
GRAHAM, Robert, husbandman, Bonny.
GRAHAM, George, husbandman, Round Close.
HALLIDAY, John, husbandman, Moresby Park.
HARTLEY, Mrs. John, Moresby House.
HARTLEY, the Misses. Elizabeth and Bridget, Causeway House.
HARTLEY, Gilford, William, Esq., Rose Hill.
HEWITT, Captain, Howgate.
HOBSON, the Misses. Mary and Elizabeth, Lonsdale Place.
HOBSON, George, M., solicitor, Lonsdale Place.
HODGSON, Isaac, sen., 4 Lonsdale Place.
HUMPHREYS, Thomas, painter, &c., 2 Lonsdale Place.
ISMAY, T., warehouseman, The Cottage, Lonsdale Place.
JACKSON, Mrs. R., Howgate.
JACKSON, Mrs. Margaret, Howgate.
JACKSON, Miss., Howgate.
JOHNSTONE, Joseph, husbandman, Summer hill.
KELLY, John, labourer, Romar.
KENWORTHY, George, W., tallow chandler, 3 Lonsdale Place.

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