Peile & Nicholson Directory of Whitehaven 1864


Parton is a considerable fishing village on the seashore, below the precipitous heights occupied by the Roman station, 1 Ĺ mile N. by E. of Whitehaven. It is more ancient than Whitehaven, and the military have had their route directed "to Parton," when Whitehaven was intended as their quarters.

Several vessels were employed in the coal trade here until 1795, when the pier was washed away by an unusually high tide, since which, the harbour has been deserted, the coal trade being engrossed by the neighbouring ports.

The Whitehaven Junction Railway skirts the village, and a little to the North is Lowca Foundry, where Messrs. FLETCHER, JENNINGS, and Co., employ a great number of hands in the manufactory of cast iron and brass articles, locomotive, and other steam engines, &c.

There is a free school in the village, built in 1818, by Joseph WILLIAMSON, Esq., who endowed it with a freehold estate in Arlecdon parish, which now produces £45 per annum. The founderís nephew, Chilwell WILLIAMSON, Esq., of Luton, in Bedfordshire, has since bequeathed a house in Parton for the residence of the master, who, by a deed of settlement, is to teach sixty free scholars, under the superintendence of three resident trustees, and five other respectable gentlemen. The benefit of this charity is restricted to the children of Parton; the bishops of Carlisle and Chester are appointed governors and visitors. The trustees &c., are to hold an anniversary meeting on the first Tuesday in July, to scrutinize the masterís conduct and the proficiency of his pupils.

There is an Infant School and Girlís School of Industry, established by Miss. Mary ROBINSON in 1837, supported by voluntary contributions and a small weekly payment from the children. Here is also in the village and Independent and a Wesleyan Chapel.

Parton Residents
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