Peile & Nicholson Directory of Whitehaven 1864



CADDY, Mrs. Isabella, lodgings, Outrig Place.
CASTLEHOW, Mr., lodgings, Finkle Street.
COMBE, Mrs. E., confectioner.
COLLINS, Mary, lodgings, Finkle Street.
CROW, Ralph, lodgings.
CUNNION, Miss., Main Street.
DALTON, Miss. Lonsdale Terrace.
DAVIDSON, Mr. James, Blythe Place.
DAVIS, Mrs., Main Street.
DICKINSON, John, Gardener & Lodgings.
DICKINSON, William, lodgings.
DICKINSON, Isaac, joiner and parish clerk.
DICKINSON, Mrs., The Library and Reading Room.
DIXON, Joseph, "Queen’s Arms."
DODGSON, Mr. Thomas S., Vale View.
DUNN, Mr. Daniel, cashier, Main Street.
EDGAR, Robert, painter.
FISHER, Mrs. F., Main Street.
FAWCETT, Mr. B., Railway Station manager.
FOX, Mr. Joseph, High House.
FOX, Mr. William, "Abbey"
FOX, Mr. John, solicitor.
GELDART, William, Postmaster and boot and shoemaker.
GRAHAM, J., boot and shoemaker.
GRAHAM, George, grocer, Finkle Street.
HALTON, Mr. Charles, solicitor, Lonsdale Terrace.
HARRISON, Mr. J., Low Walton.
HERD, William, tailor.
HERD, Jonathan, lodgings.
HEWITT, Mr. George, Sea View.
HILL, George, stone mason.
HODGSON, Mr. James, Lonsdale Place.
HODGSON, Mrs. H., Lodgings.
HUNTER, Mrs. Isabella, Main Street.
HUDSON, Mrs. Outrig Place.
JACKSON, Henry, grocer.
JACKSON, Mary, charwoman.
JACKSON, Mr. John.
JORDAN, Mr., policeman, Outrig Place.
KNIGHT, Mr. Charles, Sea View.
KNIGHT, C. & Co., photographers & publishers, Royal Hotel Gardens.
LACE, John, beer seller.
LEECH, George, tollbar keeper.
LONGSTAFF, Mrs., Main Street.
LOGAN, Mrs. Mary, bakehouse keeper.
LOGAN, Robert, beer seller.
MAHOLAND, Edward, cooper.
MANDALL, Mr. Edward, Flat House.
MATCHBANK, Mrs. E., Main Street.
MAWSON, John, Royal Oak.
MIDDLETON, Rev. J. E., The Priory Lodge.
MCVOY, James, Platelayer.
MOSSOP, William, Tailor.
MOSSOP, J. grocer.
MOORE, Mr. William.
NICHOLSON, Jonathan, farmer and posting establishment.
NICHOLSON, John, lodgings.
NICHOLSON, Mrs. Grindall Place.
NICHOLSON, Mrs. E., lodgings, Lonsdale Terrace.
NIXON, Joseph, blacksmith.
NOBLE, Mrs. C., Granger Place.
NOBLE, Mr. Thomas, Sea View.
NOBLE, Mr. Isaac, Main Street.
POSONBY, Mr. John, Croft House.
PARK, William, sexton and gardener.
PARRY, Miss., Mistress of the National School.
PAUL, Miss. Boarding school, Grindall Place.
POSTLETHWAITE, Mrs., Lonsdale Terrace.
PEILE, Mrs. E. Finkle Street.
RAY, Mary, dressmaker.
REAY, Mrs., washerwoman.
REAY, Mr. John, druggist, &c., Main Street.
RUDD, Mr., Sea Mill.
RIGG, Mr. R., Vale View.
SANDWITH, Mr. William, Main Street.
SANDWITH, J., butcher, Main Street.
SAXTON, Mrs. E., Lonsdale Terrace.
SCOTT, Captain, The lodge.
SCURR, Miss. Sarah, lodgings.
SEWELL, William, farmer.
SEWELL, Elizabeth, washerwoman.
SHARPE, Joshua, shoemaker.
SHARPE, Mr. John, Sea View.
SHARPE, Captain, W. H. S., Vale View.
SHARPE, John, tailor, Main Street.
SHARPE, Mossop, tailor.
SIMPSON, John, Working Men’s reading room.
SPEDDING, Mr. J. Peck Mill.
SMITH, Mrs. Mary, farmer.
SMITH, Mrs. E., Grindall Place.
STEPHENSON, Daniel, tailor.
STODDART, Miss. Elizabeth, schoolmistress.
SUMPTON, Lancelot, shoemaker.
TELFORD, George, Shoe and boot maker.
THOMPSON, Miss. Dinah, lodgings.
THOMPSON, Miss. Blythe Place.
TREMBLE, Robinson, Albert Hotel.
TURNER, Mrs., matron of the Grammar School.
WALKER, Mr. Joseph, Hampton Place.
WALKER, Mrs. E. Grindall Place.
WALKER, Mr. Edward, grocer, Lonsdale Terrace.
WALKER, N., game dealer.
WEBSTER, Mr. John, solicitor, Vale View.
WEAVER, Mrs. J., Finkle Street.
WHITEHEAD, William, R. N., Retreat.
WHITE, Misses. Anne and Isabella, Royal Hotel.
WHITE, Mrs. M., Lonsdale Terrace.
WILSON, Mrs. M., Manor House.
WILSON, Mr. C., carter.
WILSON, Mrs. M., Manor House.
WILSON, William, High Walton.
WILSON, the Misses. Flathouse.
WILSON, Miss. I., Lonsdale Terrace.
WILSON, Mr. John, Lonsdale Terrace.
WILLIAMS, Mr. Alfred T., Sea View.
WEEKS, J. joiner.
YOUNGHUSBAND, Miss. Ann, dressmaker.
YOUNG, Mr. T., Drill sergeant, Grammar School.
YOWARD, John, farmer and mason.
YOWARD, Robert, joiner, Croft Foot.



ARMSTRONG, John, Colliery Viewer, Basket House.
ARMSTRONG, Thomas, banksman, George Pit.
BOADLE, Chambers, farmer, Bell House.
BORTHWICK, William, land steward to the Earl of LONSDALE, Monkwreay. BURNYEAT, William, farmer, Green Bank.
FOX, John, collier, George Pit.
JEFFERSON, Robert farmer, Preston Hows.
LINTON, John, farmer Monkwreay.
LUMB, William, junr., Esq., solicitor, Green Bank.
MACKERETH, William, Bleach Green.
STALKER, Jonathan, farmer, Desmense.
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