Peile & Nicholson Directory of Whitehaven 1864


Sandwith is a township and a small hamlet in the parish of St. Bees, situate in a small valley 2 ½ miles south of Whitehaven. There is a parochial school for boys and girls, which was built in 1851, wherein divine service is delivered on Sunday evenings alternatively, by the Rev. G. H. AINGER, D. D., Rev. J. E. MIDDLETON, M. A., Rev. John SMALLPIECE, M. A., of St. Bees College, assisted by the students.

Summer Hill is a neat villa about a half a mile from the village, commanding a good view of Cleator valley and the mountains in the distance, and is the residence of the Rev. James JACKSON, late Rector of Rivington in Lancashire, who was the first student at St. Bees College, 6th January, 1817. In this township is situated the promontory called St. Bees Head, on which place stands a lighthouse to guide the mariner.

It may perhaps be worth remarking, more particularly for the interest of the botanist and geologist, that on the seashore of the township, where the high bluff terminates, may be seen the gypsum and magnesian limestone underlaying the red sandstone; and about half a mile from the village, in another direction, near the farm of Woodend, in a wooded gill, is a cave of limestone formation, presenting that picturesque appearance common to caverns of this description. In the vicinity of the cave of Hart’s Tongue Fern is met with unusual luxuriance.

Rottington is a very small township near the sea, 3 ½ miles south by west from Whitehaven, consisting of a few farms, the property of the Earl of LONSDALE.

Preston Quarter is a township extending Nortward from St. Bees to Whitehaven, containing 2,720 acres of land, principally the property of the Right Hon. Earl of LONSDALE, who is Lord of the Manor; it includes a part of the town of Whitehaven, and part of the villages of St. Bees and Hensingham, and the names of persons residing in those places will be found under their separate directories.

Harras Moor is a Hamlet in this Township.

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