Peile & Nicholson Directory of Whitehaven 1864



WILSON, Christopher, draper, 22 Plumbland Lane.
WILSON, Jon, corn factor, 61 and 62 Market Place - h., St. Bees.
WILSON, Thomas, butcher, James Street.
WILSON, J. B., surgeon, 139 Queen Street.
WILSON, Joseph, M. D., 25 Lowther Street.
WILSON, Thomas, bookseller, 76 King Street.
WILSON, Thomas, music seller, 71 King Street.
WILSON and KITCHIN, whole sale and retail druggists, drysalters, dealers in cement, &c., 30 King Street.
WILSON, Joseph, pawnbroker, 99 Duke Street.
WILSON, William, master mariner, 19 High Street.
WILSON, Lowther, plasterer, Cross Street.
WILSON, Jonathan, (firm of KENNEDY & WILSON, grocers), 75 High Queen Street.
WILSON, George, bacon curer, West Strand.
WILSON, William, butcher, 29 Chapel Street.
WILSON, Andrew, brazier &c., 105 Duke Street.
WINDROSS, Benjamin, draper, corner of King Street and Lowther Street.
WINDROSS, George Francis, inspector of corn returns - Office - Duke Street.
WINTER, Robert, blacksmith, Dobsonís Buildings, Albion Street.
WINTER, John, horse dealer, 76 George Street.
WISE, Mrs. Ann, staymaker, 24 Tangier Street.
WOOD, James, grocer, 11 Senhouse Street.
WOOD, Richard, painter, 20 Duke Street.
WOOD, Joseph, saddler, 60 Lowther Street.
WOOD, John, grocer, 68 Strand Street.
WOODEND, James, tailor, 4 New Street.
WORTHINGTON, Edward, "Old Crown," 31 George street.
WOOF, Isaac and Thomas, wine & spirit merchants, druggists &c., 63 Lowther Street.
YOUART, Henry, blacksmith, Fox Lane.
YOUNG, William, joiner and cabinet maker, 28 Chapel Street - house, Meadow View, St. Bees Road.
YOUNG, James, master mariner, 12 Senhouse Street.

President - James DEES, Esq.
Treasurer - H. COOK, Esq.
Conductor - Mr. COOPER

This Society has been established with the object of encouraging a more general practice of Sacred and Secular music, and consists of Honarary and Practical Members. The former on payment of an Annual Subscription of 10s 6d., are entitled to a first-class ticket for each concert given by the Society during the year, and also the privilege of attending Rehearsals.

Practical members, on being approved, pay an entrance fee of 2s. 6d., and a weekly subscription of 1d. For the benefit of such as cannot read music, a class for instruction meets weekly; and thus persons possessing fair voices may qualify themselves to join in the general rehearsals.

The support of the public, in carrying out the views of the Society, is earnestly requested; and persons desirous of having their names enrolled will please hand in the same to the Secretary, Conductor, or any of the Members. The present list of Practical Members includes fifty vocalists.

James LOVIBOND, Secretary
30 Duke Street.
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