Peile & Nicholson Directory of Whitehaven 1864



BRAGG, Henry, engineer, 15 Hilton terrace.
BRAGG, Thomas, mariner, New Street.
BRAGG, Miss. Ann, dining rooms, Strand Street.
BRAGG, William, sawyer, 17 George Street.
BRAITHWAITE, Henry, Black Lion Hotel, 67 King Street.
BRAITHWAITE, John S. engineer, 66 George Street.
BRAITHWAITE, S., grocer, 26 Lowther Street.
BRAITHWAITE, Henry, spirit merchant, Chapel Street.
BRAITHWAITE, William, mariner, Hilton Terrace.
BRAITHWAITE, Mrs. Mary, "Manx Smack," West Strand.
BRAITHWAITE, James & Joseph, wholesale and retail ironmongers, ship chandlers, &c, 14 Market Place.
BRANNAGAN, John, furniture broker and clothes dealer, 46 Market Place.
BRAYDEN, Elizabeth, milliner, High Queen Street.
BRAYTON, Jonathan, surgeon, 151 Queen street.
BREWSTER, William, master mariner, 7 Strand Street.
BRIDESTONE, William, tide waiter, 7 Bardy Lane.
BROATCH, James, traveling draper, 42 Duke Street.
BROADLEY, Daniel, shopkeeper, 87 Queen Street.
BROCKBANK, John, fishmonger, 7 King Street.
BROCKBANK, and HELDER, Solicitors, 44 Duke Street.
BROCKBANK, the Misses. Dressmakers, Corkickle.
BROCKLEBANKS & Co., rope and twine manufacturers, Corkickle - Edward G. JONES, manager.
BROCKLEBANK, Thomas & John, ship builders, &c., Bransty - J. H. ROBINSON, manager.
BROWN, Peter, baker, Nicholson Lane.
BROWN, William Schoolmaster, New Town.
BROWN, Thomas, grocer, 14 Market Place.
BROWN, William and Son, dyers, Bransty.
BROWN, George W., Manager of the bank of Whitehaven, Coates Lane.
BROWN, Joseph, joiner, Coach Road.
BROWN, James, dyer, 119 Queen Street.
BROWN, Robert, dyer, 30 Plumbland Lane.
BROWN, Joseph C., grocer & (firm of SHERWEN, MOORE & BROWN), h., 22 Irish Street.
BROWNRIGG, William, tailor, 20 Strand Street.
BRUCE, William, architect, 9 Scotch Street.
BUCHANAN, Harrison, miller, Ginns.
BULMAN, Thomas, mason, 6 Mill Street.
BARNES, John, Mariner, Hamilton Lane.
BARNES, Thomas, master mariner, 1 Albert Terrace.
BURNYEAT, Jonathan, Butcher, 23 Church Street.
BURNYEAT, William, 23 King Street.
BURRELL, George, superintendent of the Harbour and Water Works, 13 Catherine Street.
BURTON, Robert, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 34 Duke Street.
BURTON, William and Co., grocers, 61 Roper Street.
BUTLER, Thomas, accountant, 6, Albert Terrace.
BYRNE, James & Peter, drapers &c., 9 Market Place.
CAIN, William, joiner, 98 Scotch Street.
CAIRY, Price, James, furniture broker, 33 George Street.
CALLANDER, and DIXON, booksellers, stationers, &c., 3 Market Place.
CALVERT, William, licensed victualler, Bransty Railway Station.
CALVERT, Thomas, baker, 29 Scotch Street.
CAMERON, Peter, manager of the Whitehaven Joint Stock Bank. 132 Queen Street.
CAMPBELL, John, blacksmith, 95 Scotch Street.
CANDLISH, Robert, master mariner, 13 Cross Street.
CAPE, William, school master, Peter Street.
CARLE, Thos., shipwright, 23 Roper Street.
CARLYLE, Irving, traveling draper, Primitive Terrace, Howgill Street.
CARMICHAEL, Thos. Iron ore proprietor, 45 Lowther Street.
CARR, William, joiner, 29 George Street.
CARR, Mrs. Isabella, shopkeeper, 6 Senhouse Street.
CARR, Miss. Mary, milliner, George Street.
CARRON, Robert, Plasterer, New town.
CARTER, William, master mariner, 8 George Street.
CARTMELL, Wallace, plasterer, Swing Pump Lane.
CARRUTHERS, William, carpenter, Arrowthwaite.
CARRUTHERS, Mrs. H. provision dealer, 65 Queen Street.
CARRUTHERS, Mrs. I. schoolmistress, High Queen Street.
CASSON, William, hair dresser, 74 King Street.
CASSON, John, hair dresser, 3 Roper street.
CAVAN, William, provision dealer, 8 Tangier Street.
CAVENDER, Joseph, master mariner, 89 Duke Street.
CHAMBERS, William, mariner, 4 Howgill Street.
CHAMLEY, James, Tea dealer, Scotch Street.
CHARTERS, James, block maker, West Strand.
CHISAM, Jonathan, sail maker, &c., 4 George Street.
CHISAM, Joseph, grocer, 30 Lowther Street.
CHOYCE, Joseph, Butcher, 4 Roper Street.
CHOYCE, Robinson, clerk, 16 Hilton Terrace.
CHRISTIAN, John Wood, grocer, 12 Roper Street.
CHRISTIAN, Frances, shopkeeper, 86 Duke Street.
CHRISTIE, Malcolm, marine store dealer, 4 Strand Street.
CHRISTOPHER, Matthew, master mariner, 27 George Street.
CLARK, Mrs. Mary, grocer &c., Cross Street.
CLARK, Robert, mariner, 9 George Street.
CLARKE, Joseph, inspector of cargoes and nuisances, 95 George Street.
CLARK, Wallace, mariner, 36 Queen Street.
CLARK, John, master mariner, 28 Senhouse Street.
CLEGG, William, mariner, 5 Michael Street.
COCKBAIN, Wm., warehouseman, 9 Brackenthwaite.
COCKBAIN, William, master mariner, 5 Michael Street.
COCKBAIN, Joseph, master mariner, 3 Hilton Terrace.
COCKREN, Mrs. Hannah, spirit vaults, Marlbro’ Street.
COCKS, Robert, grocer and provision dealer, Quay Street.
COLDBECK, James, brewer, 38 Queen Street.
COLDBECK, James, carpenter, High Queen Street.
COLLAS, Mrs. Ann, "Robin Hood," 26 George Street.
COLLINS, Mary Ann, "Ship" Marlbro’ Street.
COLLIS, Robert, master mariner, College Street.
COLLIS, Isaac, pawnbroker, 6 Church Street.
COMBE, John, Golden Lion Court, Roper Street.
CONNELL, John, master mariner, 17 Lowther Street.
CONQUEST, Miss. School mistress, Irish Street.
CONQUEST, Richard, hatter, &c., 41 King Street.
CONAWAY William, "Royal Oak," 6 Queen Street.
CONAWAY, William, farmer, George’s Pit.
COOK, Henry, secretary of the Whitehaven Junction and the Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway, Railway Station, Bransty.
COOK, Mrs. Catherine, provision dealer, Swing Pump Lane.
COOPER, James, professor of music, 131 Queen Street.
COOPER, John, Grocer, Bardy Lane.
CORRIE, John, Superintendent of the Railway Goods Department - house, Inkermann Terrace.
CORMICK, T., master mariner, 20 Plumbland Lane.
COULTHARD, Joseph, draper, 3 Cross Street.
COULTHARD, James, carpenter, 9 Preston Street.
COULTHARD, William, Ship builder, Marlbro’ Street.
COUPLAND, Edward, mining agent, Coates Lane.
COUSINS, Richard, builder, Tangier Street, h., Irish Street.
COWAN, John, master mariner, 101 George Street.
COWAN, Henry, slater and plasterer, Duke Street.
COWAN, Robert, plumber, Plumbland Lane.
COWAN, Robert, boot & shoe maker, 92 Duke Street.
COWARD, John, provision dealer, 12 Tangier Street.
COWELL, John, baker, Peter Street.

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