Peile & Nicholson Directory of Whitehaven 1864


Private Residents.

PAITSON, William, Esq., Irish Street.
PALMER, Mr. Hannah, 37 Roper Street.
PARK, Mrs. Sarah, 2 Scotch Street.
PARK, Mr. William, 49 Church Street.
PEAT, Mr. Thomas, New Town.
PEARSON, Mr. John, Roper Street.
PEILE, Mr. George, Floraville, Corkickle.
PEILE, Mr. Joseph Smith, 27 George Street.
PERRING, Rev. Chas Augustus, Lonsdale Place.
PERRY, Mrs. Elizabeth, 76 Lowther Street.
PLACE, Rev. William, Coach road.
PORTER, Mr. Joseph, Richmond Terrace.
PORTER, Mrs. W., 75 King Street.
POSTLETHWAITE, John, Esq., 14 Scotch Street.
POSTLETHWAITE, Mrs. Margaret, 31 Church Street.
POSTLETHWAITE, The Misses, 12 Lowther Street.
POTTS, Mr. Thomas, 49 New Lowther Street.
POTTS, Mrs., 49 New Lowther Street.
POTTS, The Misses, 49 New Lowther Street.
POTTS, Mr. William, R., Meadow View, St. Bees road
POWE, Captain Isaac, Waterloo Terrace.
PRITT, Mr. William, Floraville, Corkickle.
PRODDOW, Mr. John, 13 Tangier Street.
RAYSON, Mr. George, jun., Peter Street.
REED, Mr. James, Lonsdale Place
REED, Mr. Alfred, Dentist, Lowther Street.
REID, Mrs., 80 Scotch Street
RICHARDS, Mr. Thomas, Wellington Row.
RICHARDSON, Peter, Esq., The Retreat
RIMMER, Rev. John, Woodhouse.
ROBERTSON, Mr. James, 14 Catherine Street
ROBERTSON, Mr., Lawrence, Low Road
ROBERTSON, Mr. David, Inkermann Terrace.
ROBINSON, Mr. Joseph, II, 83 Lowther Street.
ROBINSON, Mr. Joseph, Fox Houses
ROBSON, Mrs. Mary Ann, 35 Scotch Street
ROOKIN, Mrs. Hannah, 10 High Street.
ROTHERY, Mr. Joseph, Fox Houses.
RUSTON, Mrs. Mary Ann, 13 Hilton Terrace.
SANDS, Mr. Richard, Corkickle.
SANDS, Mr. Henry, Solway View.
SAWYERS, Mrs. Isabella, 43 Queen Street.
SHEPHERD, Miss. Ann, 31 Duke Street
SHEPHERD, Mr. Samuel, (Engineer), Granary Yard.
SHEPHERD, Mr. Peter, 62 George Street.
SHERADIN, Mrs. Jane, 24 Duke Street.
SHERWEN, Peter Wm., Esq., 113 Scotch Street.
SHERWOOD, Mr. William, 40 Church Street.
SIM, Miss. Sarah, 28 Church Street.
SIMPSON, Mr. John, Hamilton Road
SISSON, Mr. William, George Street
SLADE, Mr. James, New Town
SLADE, Mr. James, 22 Lowther Street
SMITH, Mrs. Grace, Senhouse Street
SPARKS, Mr. John, 7 Howgill Street
SPENCER, Captain Henry, Oakbank Terrace.
SPITTALL, Mrs. Elizabeth, 71 Lowther Street.
SPITTALL, Mr. John, 48 Lowther Street
STEELE, Miss. Elizabeth, 21 Irish Street.
STEELE, Mr. James, 25 Church Street.
STEELE, Mrs., 17 Queen Street.
STEPHENSON, Mr. Henry, Gores Building, Scotch Street.
STEWARD, Mr. John B., 46 Church Street.
STEWARD, Mr. Frederick f., 46 Church Street.
STEWARD, Mr. William, 46 Church Street.
STOUP, Mrs. Ann, 17 High Street.
STRONG, Mr. Jacob, 112 Queen Street.
TAYLOR, Mrs., Waterloo Terrace.
THOMAS, D. H., Esq., Oakbank Terrace.
THOMPSON, Mrs. Elizabeth, 40 Duke Street.
THOMPSON, Jon M. D., 72 Lowther Street.
THOMPSON, Mr. John, Keswick House.
THOMPSON, Mr. David, Coach Road.
THOMLINSON, Rev. Jeremiah Sharp, 21 Irish Street.
TOWERSON, Mr. John, 11 High Street.
TOWNSEND, Rev. William, Meadow View.
TILTMAN, Mr. John, Tangier Street
TYSON, Mr. Peter, Church Street.
TYSON, Mr. Henry, Ginns.
TYSON, Mr. John, 1 Lowther Street.
TYSON, Mr. John, 15 Roper Street
USHER, Mr. John, Inkermann Terrace
WAITE, Mr. John, 24 Sandhills Lane.
WALKER, Mr. William, Oakbank Terrace.
WALKER, Mr. George, 109 Scotch Street.
WALKER, Mr. Isaac, 130 Queen Street.
WARD, Mrs. Hannah, 10 King Street.
WATSON, Mr. Joshua, Oakbank Terrace.
WATSON, Mr. Frederick, Meadow View, St. Bees Road.
WHEELWRIGHT, Mrs. 63 George Street.
WHEELAN, Mr. Jane, Oakbank Terrace.
WHEATLEY, Miss. Isabella, 46 Duke Street
WHITE, Mrs. Mary, 77 Lowther Street.
WHITE, Mr. Wilfred, 77 Lowther Street.
WHITE, Mr. William, 77 Lowther Street.
WHITEHEAD, J. G., Surgeon, the Infirmary, Howgill Street.
WHITESIDE, Mr. Richard S., Hamilton Terrace.
WHITTLE, Mr. John, 8 Scotch Street.
WHITTLE, Mr. Henry, Roper Street.
WICKS, Rev. Frederick William, J. P., 17 Church Street.
WILLIAMSON, The Misses, 73 High Queen Street.
WILLIAMSON, Mr. John, 67 Strand Street.
WILLIAMSON, Mr. Hugh, 6 Wellington Row.
WILSON, Mrs. F., the Retreat.
WILSON, Mr. John, Fox Houses.
WILSON, Miss. Mary, 8 Lowther Street.
WILSON, Mrs. Otway, Waterloo Terrace.
WILSON, Miss. Dorothy, 21 Church Street.
WILSON, Mr. William, Corkickle.
WILSON, Joseph, M. D., 25 Lowther Street.
WILSON, Miss. Sarah, 28 Duke Street.
WILSON, Mr. John, Meadow View, St. Bees Road.
WILSON, John Bateman, F.R.C.S., 139 Queen Street.
WILSON, Mr. Jonathan, High Queen Street.
WOOD, Mr. Joseph, Lonsdale Place.
WOOD, Miss. Jane, 27 Duke Street.
WOOF, Mr. Isaac, Victoria Terrace, Corkickle.
WOOF, Mr. Thomas, Wellington Row.
YATES, Rev. John, Primitive Terrace, Howgill Street.
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