Peile & Nicholson Directory of Whitehaven 1864


The Infant School. Mount Pleasant, was built by subscription in 1863. Mistress: Miss. Mary GILL.

The Earl Of Lonsdale's Colliery Schools, Ginns, is for educating those children only whose parents are in his Lordship's employ. The instruction given is perfectly unsectarian, consisting of a sound English education, at a nominal charge of One Penny per week. Master: Mr. George GAY. Mistress: Mrs. GAY.

The Catholic School, Duke Street, is a building which was formerly a Catholic Chapel, erected about the year 1780, and dedicated in honour of the Blessed Virgin. Mistress: Miss. CAIN. Assistant Schoolmistress: Miss. REYNOLDS.

Besides the forgoing, there are also the following Classical and Commercial Schools: -

Mr. Isaac WALKER's, Plumbland Lane
Mr. Joseph STOCKDALE's, Senhouse Street
Mr. Wm. CAPE's, Queen Street
Mr. S. LOWDEN's New Town
Mr. W. WARDHAUGH's 6 Irish Street &c.

Also the following Educational Establishments for Young Ladies:
The Misses KITCHIN's Irish Street
Miss. C. LOWDEN's, Scotch Street
Miss. Martha TOMLINSON's Plumbland Lane
Miss. Sarah SIM's, Church Street
Miss. GILBERRY's 73 Duke Street
Miss. Jane FRAZER's Duke Street
Miss. PATMAN's, 46 Queen Street
Miss. KING's, Scotch Street
Miss. CONQUEST, Irish Street, &c., &c.

LITERARY INSTITUTIONS. - The Whitehaven Library is in Catherine Street, and was built by the late Earl of LONSDALE. Entrance fee, One Guinea (unless a ticket can be purchased for less from a retiring member) and an annual subscription of One Guinea.

THE SUBSCRIPTION NEWS ROOM is in the upper part of the Old Public Office, Lowther Street, and is well supplied with all the leading papers of the day. Annual Subscription, One Guinea.

THE MECHANIC'S INSTITUTION, established in 1844, is in Low Queen Street, and has a good library and news room. President: Mr. Jos. C. BROWN. Secretary: Mr. Wm. McGOWAN.

THE WORKING MEN'S READING ROOM AND LIBRARY is in Middle Church Street. President: Mr. Brown HARRISON. Secretary: Mr. John GIBSON. Corresponding Secretary: Mr. Jos. BONE. Treasurer: Mr. Thos. GILL.

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