Peile & Nicholson Directory of Whitehaven 1864


The Brethren meet in Mr. LOWDEN's School Room, New Town, every Sunday morning at half past ten, and in the evening at half past six o'clock. There is also a Scripture Reading Meeting on Tuesday evenings at half past seven.

The Disciples meet in the Forester's Room, Fox Lane, every Sunday morning at Half past Ten, and in the evening at six o'clock.

- The Marine School, High Street, was founded in 1817, by Matthew PIPER, Esq., a member of the Society of Friends, who endowed it with £2,000 Navy Five Per Cent. Annuities, vested in the hands if fifteen Trustees, for the education of sixty Poor Boys living in the town or neighbourhood of Whitehaven. Every boy, prior to being admitted, must be able to read the New Testament, and be above eight years of age. None are allowed to remain more than five years. The school was built by the late Earl of LONSDALE, on a piece of ground granted by his Lordship for the purpose, in 1818, and opened in 1822. Master: Mr. John CLARKE.

In 1861 Ragged Schools were established by the Rev. Chas. A. PERRING, in Peter Street, in which Night Schools, superintended by the Incumbent, are held for young men and boys, young women and girls. A Cottage Lecture is also delivered in the same schools weekly, and on Sundays they are thrown open as Sunday Schools.

The National Schools, situated in Hilton Terrace, Parish of St. James' , were built in the year 1824. They are supported by subscriptions made throughout the town, and conducted by a committee, the Rev. Chas. A. PERRING acting in the capacity of Secretary. Mr. DAVIS has been the Master of the Boys School for the last 33 years. Miss. NELSON is Mistress for the Girl's School. This Charitable Institute has been and is of great benefit to the town; a charge of One Penny only being made for each scholar weekly. The St. James' Sunday Schools are held in these National Schools.

The Refuge School, James Street, was built in 1852, and is supported by voluntary contributions. Superintendent: Mr. Thomas NICHOLSON.

St. Nicholas' National and Sunday School is in Scotch Street, and was erected in 1846. It is divided into two departments - one for Girls and the other for Infants. Mistress of the Girls' School: Miss. S. A.A. ALLAN. Mistress for the Infants School: Miss. M. TAYLOR.

Trinity National School is a neat stone building in Howgill Street and was erected in 1852. Master: Mr. John SPARKS. Mistress: Miss. J. HARRIS. St. Nicholas and Trinity National Schools are the only two schools in the town under Government Inspections.

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