THE TIMES, November 13, 1860


Yesterday being the morrow of St. Martin, the ceremony of nominating the sheriffs for the several counties of England and Wales for the year ensuing took place in the Court of Exchequer after the ordinary business of the Court had concluded.

The following is a list of the gentlemen nominated, with the exception of those for Cornwall and Lancashire, who are nominated by the PRINCE OF WALES.


BEDFORDSHIRE - Joseph TUCKER, of Pevenham, Esq.;  William Lynn SMART, of Eversholt, Esq.;  and Crewe ALSTON, of Odell, Esq.

BERKSHIRE - Henry Lannoy HUNTER, of Beech-hill, near Reading, Esq.;  Robert CAMPBELL, of Buscot-park, Esq.,  and Frederick William ALLFREY, of Hill-house, Shinfield, Esq.

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE - Sir Anthony Nathan De ROTHSCHILD, of Aston Clinton, Bart.;  William PENNINGTON, of Fernacres, Esq.;  and Philips Cosby LOVETT, of Liscombe-house, Esq.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE AND HUNTINGDONSHIRE - Edward HICKS, of Great Wilbraham, Esq.;  George Onslow NEWTON, of Croxton-park, Esq.;  and Stanlake Ricketts BATSON, of Horseheath, Eng.

CHESHIRE - John Ralph SHAW, of Arrow-hill, Birkenhead, Esq.;  Edward Holt GLEGG, of Backford, Esq.;  and Thomas ALDERSAY, of Aldersay-hall, Esq.

CUMBERLAND - Thomas AINSWORTH, of the Flosh, Esq.;  Samuel LINDOW, of Cleator, Esq.;  and William Nicholson HODGSON, of Newby-grange, Carlisle, Esq.

DERBYSHIRE - William Thomas COX, of Spondon-hall, Esq.;  Haughton Charles OKEOVER, of Okeover-hall, Esq.;  and Sir Harry Flower EVERY, of Egginton, Bart.

DEVONSHIRE - Sir John Thomas Buller DUCKWORTH, of Weare, Topsham, Bart.;  Major-General Edward STUDD, of Oxton;  and Sir George Stucley STUCLEY, of Hartland-abbey, Hartland, Bart.

DORSETSHIRE - Robert Hassell Owen SWAFFIELD, of Wyke Regis, Esq.;  Joseph GUNDRY, of the Hyde, Bridport, Esq.;  and Charles Wriothesley DIGBY, of Studland, Esq.

DURHAM - Robert Lawrence PEMBERTON, of Barnes, Esq.;
George Henry SURTEES, of Dinsdale, Esq.;  and John HILDYARD, of Horsley, Esq.

ESSEX - Sir William Bower SMITH, of Hill-hall, Epping, Bart.;  Joseph Samuel LESCHER, of Boyles, Brentwood, Esq.;  and George Alan LOWNDES, of Barrington-hall, Hatfield Broad Oak, Esq.

GLOCESTERSHIRE - John WADDINGTON, of Gulting Grange, near Winchcombe, Esq.;  Sir George Samuel JENKINSON, of Eastwood, near Berkeley, Bart.;  and John Battersby HARFORD, of Stoke-park, Stoke Bishop, near Bristol, Esq.

HEREFORDSHIRE - Robert Henry Lee WARNER, of Tiberton, Esq.;  John Hungerford ARKWRIGHT, of Hampton-court, Esq.;  and Stephen ALLAWAY, of Courtfield, Esq.

HERTFORDSHIRE - William Jones LOYD, of Abbotts Langley, Esq.;  John HODGSON, of Gilston-park, Esq.;  and James BENTLEY, of Cheshunt, Esq.

KENT - Alexander RANDALL, of Foley-house, Maidstone, Esq.;  Henry BANNERMAN, of Hunton-court, near Maidstone, Esq.;  and Arthur VANSITTART, of Footscray, Esq.

LEICESTERSHIRE - Richard SUTTON, of Skeffington, Esq.;  James Beaumont WINSTANSLEY, of Braunstone, Esq.;  and Sir Robert Burdett, of Kirby Bellars, Bart.

LINCOLNSHIRE - Weston Cracroft AMCOTTS, of Kettlethorpe, Esq.;  Thomas John DIXON, of Holton-le-moor, Esq.;  and Rowland WINN, of Appleby, Esq.

MONMOUTHSIRE - James Proctor CARRUTHERS, of the Grondra, near Chepstow, Esq.;  James Jameson CORDES, of Bryn Glas, near Newport, Esq.;  and Joseph Davies of Bedwas, near Newport, Esq.

NORFOLK - John Thomas MOTT, of Barningham, Esq.;  Henry James Lee WARNER, of Little Walsingham, Esq.;  and Joseph Stonehewer Scott CHAD, of Thursford, Esq.

NORTHHAMPTONSHIRE - John Edmund SEVERNE, of Thenford, Esq.;  William SMYTH, of Little Houghton, Esq.;  and George Ashby ASHBY, of Naseby, Esq.

NORTHUMBERLAND - William John PAWSON, of Shawdon, Esq.;  John COOKSON, of Meldon-park, Esq.;  and Watson SKEW, of Pallingsburn, Esq.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE - John Henry Manners SUTTON, of Kelham, Esq.;  Henry SAVILE, of Rufford Abbey, Esq.;  and Thomas Blackborne Thoroton HILDYARD, of Flintham-house, Esq.

OXFORDSHIRE - Henry Birch REYNARDSON, of Adwell, Esq.;  Charles Edward THORNHILL, of Woodleys, Esq.;  and Emilius Watson TAYLOR, of Headington, Esq.

RUTLANDSHIRE - Alexander DORIA, of Manton, Esq.;  William FLUDYER, of Ayston, Esq.;  and the Hon. William Charles Evans FREKE, of Bisbrooke.

SHROPSHIRE - George PRITCHARD, of Broseley, Esq.;  Sir Vincent Rowland CORBET, of Acton Reynald, Bart.;  and Thomas Charlton WHITMORE, of Apley-park, Esq.

SOMERSETSHIRE - Francis Wheat NEWTON, of Barton-grange, Esq.;  Ralph Neville GRENVILLE, of Butleigh-court, Esq.;  and William SPEKE, of Jordans, Esq.

SOUTHAMPTON (COUNTY) - William George CRAVEN, of Brambridge-house, Winchester, Esq.;  John DEVERELL, of Purbrook-park, near Cosham, Esq.;  and Sir Henry Bouverie Paulet St. John MILDMAY, of Dogmersfield-park, Winchfield, Bart.

STAFFORDSHIRE - John William PHILIPS, of Heybridge, Esq.;  Newton John LANE, of Elmhurst, Esq.;  and William Hanbury SPARROW, of Penro, Esq.

SUFFOLK - John BERNERS, of Woolverstone-park, Esq.;  Edward Robert Starkie BENCE, of Kentwell-hall, Melford, Esq.;  and Sir John Ralph BLOIS, of Cockfield-hall, Yoxford, Bart.

SURREY - Samuel GURNEY, of Carshalton, Esq.;  Sir John ANDREW, of Cooper's-hill, Egham, Bart.;  and Joseph GODMAN, of Park Hatch, Godlaming, Esq.

SUSSEX - George GATTY, of Felbridge-park, East Grinstead, Esq.;  the Hon. John Jervis CARNEGIE, of Fair Oak, Rogate;  and Herbert Maxall CURTEIS, of Windmill-hill, Rye, Esq.

WARWICKSHIRE - Richard GREAVES, of the Cliff, Warwick, Esq.;  the Hon. Charles Lennox BUTLER;  and Allesley Boughton LEIGH, of Brounsom-hall, Esq.

WESTMORLAND - William HOPES, Brampton Crofts, Appleby, Esq.;  Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick GANDY, of Heaves-Lodge, Kendal;  and William WILSON, of High-park, Esq.

WILTSHIRE - Charles PENRUDDOCKE, of Compton Chamberlain, Esq.;  Thomas Fraser GROVE, of Fern, Esq.;  and John Elton Mervyn PROWER, of Purton-house, Swindon, Esq.

WORCESTERSHIRE - James MOILLIET, of Abberley-hall, near Worcester, Esq.;  Sir Edmund Anthony Harloy LECHMERE, of the Rhydd, Worcester, Bart.;  and Richard HEMMING, Bordesley-park, Bromsgrove, Eng.

YORKSHIRE - Sir George Orby WOMBWELL, of Newburgh-park, near York, Bart.;  William Frederick WEBB, of Pepper-hall, near South Cowton, Northballerton, Esq.;  and Godfrey WENTWORTH, of Wooley-park, Esq.