This section contains articles relating to Cumberland & Westmorland published in The Times newspaper.

Thank you! to Petra Mitchinson for transcribing the majority of 'The Times' articles and to Barb Baker for the rest, we have hundreds of transcribed articles still to add. Watch this space !!!


Vane vs. Vane 11

Transcribed by Petra Mitchinson - April 2006
In 1876 there was an epic trial - one VANE tried to wrest the baronetcy and the family estates from the current holder on the basis that allegedly the current baronet's father was illegitimate. An awful lot of dirty family linen was washed in public, and a great lot of family history information was revealed in the process.

The Loss of the “London” – 1866 35

Transcribed by Petra Mitchinson - June 2006.
The London sank in a bad storm in the Bay of Biscay on 11th January 1866 on her way from London to Melbourne. 220 passengers and crew lost their lives, among them 10 people from Cumberland; 16 crew and 3 passengers managed to get away in one boat and survived.

The Charge Against a Clergyman 9

Transcribed by Petra Mitchinson - August 2007
The Rev. John H L BATEMAN, vicar of Haile, has been prosecuted by the Treasury at Whitehaven Police-court, for inserting or permitted to be inserted  in the register of marriages at Haile a certain false entry relating to a marriage.