On Wednesday week, another melancholy death occurred in the neighbourhood of Skirwith.
It appears that a young man named ROBERT BRIGGS, of Penrith, who entered the employment of MR. JOHN JACKSON, farmer, Culgaith, Wednesday week,...


The fortnightly meeting of the members of the above Board took place on
Saturday, last, in the Public Offices, Sandgate.  Mr. JAMES GRAHAM presided,
and the members present were Messrs. B. GOODBURN,  W. B. ARNISON,  W. LYNN,


Farewell Words

Our Dublin correspondent telegraphs that the Duchess of  Marlborough has
addressed a letter to the distressed districts of Ireland,  written in English and
Irish, and dated Viceregal Lodge, Dublin, April  21.

Her Grace says before leavi...
Liverpool Corn Market

       Tuesday July 27th.- The weather up to Sunday evening was highly
favourable  to the growing crops of grain, but on that evening it set in to rain
heavily, and continued with little intermission for upwards of four-and...
There have been no arrivals from foreign ports this week. The vessels  
arriving coastwise with cargoes have been the:

 The Earl of Stair and Industry, from Port William, with pit  wood.

The Harriet, from Dromore, with pit wood.

The ss Swift and Shannon,...

by our Special Correspondent.

Our readers will understand that we do not hold ourselves responsible for our able Correspondent's opinions.

If SIR HENRY THOMPSON, the eminent surgeon, who was knighted several years ago for an operation on the the Qu


Letters to the Editor.


Dear Sir, - A letter having appeared in your last week's issue, emanating
from "A poor Householder," which was altogether so onesided and calculated
to give a wrong impression throughout the country w

A "PETTICOAT SOLDIER"  --  On Monday, at the Glasgow Central Police-court, ELLEN BROWN, a strapping young woman, residing in New Vennel, was charged with dressing herself in a soldier's uniform on Sunday, and parading the New Vennel, causing thereby ...
 The new church at Seaton is making rapid progress, and, when  finished, will
be a commodious and sightly building, as well as a convenience to  the local

 The old church at Camerton, although it is a picturesque embodiment  of
country history...

       Last week a lecture was delivered in London by Mr. MOSSMAN, for
several years a resident in Australia, on the subject of Australia and its gold
mines. Mr. MOSSMAN said that, knowing from experience how important it is to get
correct inform...