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Another week has elapsed without the appeal of the Corporation of  Carlisle
being heard against the decision of Mr. Baron POLLOCK with respect to  the
question whether the London and North-Western Railway Company are exempt by  the
terms of their Act...
(From our  own Correspondent)

Judge: Mr. HEDLEY       Slipper:  T. WILKINSON

The meet for the final day’s work of this meeting took place  yesterday at
Gretna Station, when a start was made on the farm of Guard Mill, in  a large
 Mr. J. WEBSTER, Coroner for the Lordship of Egremont, held an inquest  at
the Bugle Horn Inn, Parton, on  Monday afternoon last, touching on the  death of
a child two months old, named John MYERS, the son of John MYERS, a  drayman
residing at Parton.





Well, t' "Star's" mead its furst appearance, an' Ah think be wat ah've heeard, its suited gaily weel.  Sartanly thear is sum 'at dusn't seem setisfied,  neah matter wat yan dus for them.  For instance, Ah've hard yan or two greet s


       "LOOK HERE!" - Numerous, indeed, are the stratagems not unfrequently
resorted to by our shopkeepers, as an incentive to induce the public to become
purchasers of their wares; but all others are completely cast  in the shade



GRAIN. - There was an average supply of wheat at our market this morning,
which realised fully last week's prices:  and there was also little change
either in the quantity or price of oats.  Barley, however, was a large


Items of news by the mail are as follows: -

The N.W. Provinces Rent Bill and Revenue Bill have both passed the Supreme
Legislative Council.

At the meeting of the Bengal Social Science Association, SIR GEORGE CAMPBELL
was elected President for next year

CARTERS. - Wanted, Carters; constant work and good wages, at  Hotchberry
Quarries, Brigham.

-Apply to the Manager at the Works.


WANTED, at Term, by a middle aged person, a situation as Working  Housekeeper
to a lady or gentleman.

-Apply, M. M., ...
On Monday the Bishop of Carlisle was present at the annual meeting of  the
Church of England Temperance Society in London. He moved: -

“That this meeting rejoices in the continued progress of this society, and  
earnestly commends its principles and ...

The Guardians of the West Ward Union held their fortnightly meeting at Eamont Bridge Workhouse on Wednesday afternoon.  In the absence of MR. JAMES ATKINSON (the chairman), MR. JAMESON was called upon to preside.  The ex officio memb



   There was a large attendance at the weekly session  held in the
Temperance Hall, Wigton. Mr. D. W. REED, B. Sc., Brookfield,  presiding. Mrs. REED
kindly brought along Mr. Harvey THEOBOLD to entertain the  company, and the
lantern lecture which he gave was much enjoyed.



   The Rev. H. SYMMONS, Circuit Minister, presided at  the annual missionary
meeting of this chapel on Thursday evening. There was a  good attendance to
hear his lecture on "The Pathos and Humour of Slum Life in  East London," which
was both interesting and amusing.


   When Mrs. A. MILLAR was alighting from the 8-25  Cumberland bus at Flimby
on Saturday night, she fell and her head came in  contact with the
kerb-stone, causing severe wounds. Mr. WILLIAMSONM rendered  first aid and Mrs. MILLAR
was removed to her home where she received attention  from the nurse and doctor.



   Detective-Sergt. Joseph CARRUTHERS, of Calgary City  Police Force
(Western Canada) a son of ex- Police Sergt. Geo. CARRUTHERS, of  Maryport, has been
promoted to the post of inspector in charge of the night  force. A Calgary
paper states that Inspector CARRUTHERS has a long list of major  crime convictions
to his credit.



   Special services were held at St. John's Church,  Bigrigg, on Palm
Sunday, the preacher in the morning and at the afternoon  services being the curate,
the Rev. G. H. EGGLETON. The choir rendered Stainer's  "Crucifixion" and the
rector of ST. Mary's, Egremont, Rev. I. EARNSHAW was the  preacher at the
evening service.