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On Wednesday evening the Committee of the above held a grand  concert of
vocal and instrumental music in the Public Hall. Mr. David JACKSON  occupied the
chair. There was not a large attendance, owing to the unsettled  state of the
weather. The followin...

       On Monday, the 5th instant, an accident which might have been 
attended with serious consequences befel Mr. Jonathan SATTERTHWAITE. - a traveller
for Messers. PEARSON & HAMPTON, wholesale grocers, in this town, - who was
accompanied by a ...



FOR the CURE of the SCURVY,  ITCH,  Pimpled Faces,  Scald Heads, Films in Children,  Rheumaic Pains, all cutaneous Eruptions (by smelling only) it is also of the utmost service to the Female Sex, either comin...


WORKINGTON STAR, July 6, 1888, pg. 4 / Sermon by REV. J. HODGSON on the Burned Parish Church.


The sermon below was delivered last Sunday morning in St. Michael's Parish Room by the REV. J. HODGSON, one of the curates in charge.  We need make n

The bodies of a man, a woman and a child have been found in a  canal on the
outskirts of Sheffield. The woman has been identified as Lucy  Oldfield, and
the child, who was about 12 months old, is hers. She was a  domestic servant,
and had been out of...
On Tuesday evening a meeting of traders was held at the Golden  Lion Hotel,
Maryport, in connexion with the New Steam Shipping Company, by whom  it is
proposed to establish steamship communications between Liverpool and  Maryport and
other ports on the ...

The Quarter Sessions for Cumberland were held on Tuesday and Wednesday.  W. N. HODGSON, Esq., presided.  The calendar contained the names of fifteen prisoners, concerned in thirteen offences.  The following is the only case possessing any


BLEAYMIRE - At Penrith, on the 4th instant, DOROTHY, widow of the late THOMAS DOBSON BLEAYMIRE, Esq., in her 86th year.
BELL - In Middlegate, Penrith, on the 2nd inst., MARY, wife of MR. LANCELOT BELL, plumber, aged 26 years.
BARNS - At Grey Mouth, N


FIRE. - A fire occurred in Berkley Court, Duke Street in this town on Sunday
evening, July 11, which at one time threatened an extensive destruction to
surrounding buildings. The fire originated in a foul chimney, and was with great
difficulty pr...

To be sold, pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Chancery, made in a
cause SMITH vs. SPROULE, with the approbation of the Honourable Sir George ROSE,
one of the Masters of the said Court,



   There was a large attendance at the weekly session  held in the
Temperance Hall, Wigton. Mr. D. W. REED, B. Sc., Brookfield,  presiding. Mrs. REED
kindly brought along Mr. Harvey THEOBOLD to entertain the  company, and the
lantern lecture which he gave was much enjoyed.



   The Rev. H. SYMMONS, Circuit Minister, presided at  the annual missionary
meeting of this chapel on Thursday evening. There was a  good attendance to
hear his lecture on "The Pathos and Humour of Slum Life in  East London," which
was both interesting and amusing.


   When Mrs. A. MILLAR was alighting from the 8-25  Cumberland bus at Flimby
on Saturday night, she fell and her head came in  contact with the
kerb-stone, causing severe wounds. Mr. WILLIAMSONM rendered  first aid and Mrs. MILLAR
was removed to her home where she received attention  from the nurse and doctor.



   Detective-Sergt. Joseph CARRUTHERS, of Calgary City  Police Force
(Western Canada) a son of ex- Police Sergt. Geo. CARRUTHERS, of  Maryport, has been
promoted to the post of inspector in charge of the night  force. A Calgary
paper states that Inspector CARRUTHERS has a long list of major  crime convictions
to his credit.



   Special services were held at St. John's Church,  Bigrigg, on Palm
Sunday, the preacher in the morning and at the afternoon  services being the curate,
the Rev. G. H. EGGLETON. The choir rendered Stainer's  "Crucifixion" and the
rector of ST. Mary's, Egremont, Rev. I. EARNSHAW was the  preacher at the
evening service.