(Before Canon  HOSKINS and W. ALEXANDER, Esq.)

Joseph BELL, Kirkgate, was fined 10s for neglecting to send  two of his
children regularly to school; but on certain representations being  made to the
Bench, the penalty was remitte

HARRIS - In Duke Street, Carlisle, on the 17th April, 1880, Elizabeth  
HARRIS, aged 6 months.

PENTLAND - At Fusehill, Carlisle, on the 17th April, 1880, David PENTLAND,  
aged 59 years.

JOHNSTON - In Northumberland Street, Carlisle, on the 18th Apri...


[Our readers will understand that we do not hold ourselves responsible for
our able Corresondent's opinions.]

This has not been a sensational year, but it has been marked by some very
remarkable conclusions of ev


This joyful season has once more passed, and we hope the inhabitants of this parish have every reason to look back upon it with feelings of gratitude, thankfulness, and satisfaction.  The spirit of liberality has again been manifested in a very prais


MAXWELL-BAIRD - At 20, Belhaven Terrace, Glasgow, on the 20th April  1880, by
the Rev. R. ARMSTRONG, M. A., of St. Matthew’s Parish, and the Rev.  John
DOWNES, of East Kilbride Parish, Sir William MAXWELL, Baronet, of  Calderwood,
On Tuesday last, chiefly through the exertions of Mr. H. BANKS,  the local
collector, and some ladies, a bazaar in aid of the Derby Railway  Servants’
Orphanage was held in the New Market-Hall, Whitehaven.

 The bazaar was opened by Mr. A. ENTWISTLE, dis...

On Monday, No. 4 submerged girder of the Tay Bridge was brought ashore.  In
this girder the guard’s van and second class carriage were encased, and to it  
much importance was attached. The iron work now discovered shows unmistakable  
evidence that

Some very eccentric expressions were used in the prayers of clergymen of the last century.
An Edinburgh minister was inclined to grumble when he prayed,    "Give us not evil to think Thee neglectful of Thine own, for we are Thine ...

       Last week a lecture was delivered in London by Mr. MOSSMAN, for
several years a resident in Australia, on the subject of Australia and its gold
mines. Mr. MOSSMAN said that, knowing from experience how important it is to get
correct inform...



SO UNIVERSALLY esteemed for their good effects in all nervous disorders, lowness of spirits, headachs, tremblings, vain fears, and wanderings of the mind, frightful dreams, catchings, startings, anxieties, dimnes...
FRIDAY, May 10. -
Moyse BRUNSWICK, London, merchant.
James ELLIOT, Caxton, Cambridgeshire, innkeeper.
Francis BANNER, London, provision merchant.
Joseph CLARK, London, colonial broker.
Richard Scrase SAXBY, London, wine merchant.
Charles STYLES, Worthing, Sussex, grocer.
KEMPSTER, Thomas, London, builder.
Samuel WOODROFFE, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, wine merchant.
George PARKER, Sheffield, spade manufacturer.
John DIXON, Sheffield, linen draper.

Thomas C. LANCEFIELD, London, builder.
John PLEDGE, London, bricklayer.
William BURTON, London, upholsterer.
Elizabeth HAYWARD, Castle Hedingham, Essex, innkeeper.
James Michel POLAK, London, merchant.
John BAKER, Romsey, Hampshire, grocer.
Elah BRENNAND, London, ironmonger.
John TODD, sen., and John TODD, jun., London, ironmongers.
Edwin FOSTER, Dover, tailor.
John Sunman AUSTIN, Bedford, sueveyor.
Edwin REEVE, Liverpool, fruiterer.
Joseph HOWDEN, Wakefield, ironfounder.
Richard RICHARDSON, Manchester, gambroon manufacturer.
Henry DRAKE, Barnstaple, attorney.
Thomas Hewett WETMORE, Worcester, grocer.
Edward BROWN, Birmingham, merchant.
John Window HARRIS, Wolverhampton, wine merchant.


FRIDAY, May 10.-
John MATHISON, Helmsdale, fish curer.

J. JACKSON, Glasgow, brazier.