COCKBAIN - At 25, Queen-street, Penrith, on the 31st ult., the wife of MR. JOHN COCKBAIN, Wine Merchant, of a son.
HARRISON - At Glassonby, on the 24th ult., the wife of MR. JOS. HARRISON, builder, of a daughter.

       Last week a lecture was delivered in London by Mr. MOSSMAN, for
several years a resident in Australia, on the subject of Australia and its gold
mines. Mr. MOSSMAN said that, knowing from experience how important it is to get
correct inform...
On Tuesday the coroner for West Middlesex held an inquiry at Twickenham  as
to the death of Frederic BLANC, a Swiss, aged 60, who was found dead in the  
Thames, off Twickenham, on Sunday morning.

Sophia BLANC said she was a cook in service at Marble...
The Board of Trade returns of railway casualties, issued yesterday, show  
that during the past year the total number of persons killed on the railways was  
1038, and 8573 were injured, 500 of those killed and 1800 of those injured
being  railway se...

At an early hour on Saturday morning MR. SAMUEL IRVING, of Stanwix, a gentleman about 70 years of age, who formerly held a responsible position in the office of the Town Clerk of Carlisle for many years, accid...

 The usual New Year benefactions were dispensed at Edenhall on New Year's day.
Two four-year-old prime Highland bullocks, purchased in 1872, from MR. HUDSON of Whale, and fed on the home farm, weighing conjointly nearly 100 stones, slaughtered by WI

 At the usual meeting of this Board yesterday, the Clerk  stated that a man
named BELL, a barber at Cleator Moor, had been brought before  the magistrates
and convicted of ill treating an apprentice who had formerly  been in the


 The usual monthly meeting of the Cockermouth and  Workington Joint Water
Committee was held at the Local Board Office, Washington  Street, Workington,
yesterday (Thursday) afternoon. Mr. W. FLETCHER ...
On Monday night last the members of I. O. G. T. “Hope” Lodge, No. 106,  held
their weekly session in the Templar’s Hall, at high Seaton. The lodge was  
opened in due form by the W. C. T. Brother J. SHILTON. There was an average  
attendance. One visito...


"Shall I cut this loin of mutton saddlewise !" said a gentleman.  "No", said
one of his guests, "cut it bridlewise, for then I may have a chance to get a
bit in my mouth."

HOW, INDEED ? - "Gracious marcy me !" exclaim

FRIDAY, May 10. -
Moyse BRUNSWICK, London, merchant.
James ELLIOT, Caxton, Cambridgeshire, innkeeper.
Francis BANNER, London, provision merchant.
Joseph CLARK, London, colonial broker.
Richard Scrase SAXBY, London, wine merchant.
Charles STYLES, Worthing, Sussex, grocer.
KEMPSTER, Thomas, London, builder.
Samuel WOODROFFE, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, wine merchant.
George PARKER, Sheffield, spade manufacturer.
John DIXON, Sheffield, linen draper.

Thomas C. LANCEFIELD, London, builder.
John PLEDGE, London, bricklayer.
William BURTON, London, upholsterer.
Elizabeth HAYWARD, Castle Hedingham, Essex, innkeeper.
James Michel POLAK, London, merchant.
John BAKER, Romsey, Hampshire, grocer.
Elah BRENNAND, London, ironmonger.
John TODD, sen., and John TODD, jun., London, ironmongers.
Edwin FOSTER, Dover, tailor.
John Sunman AUSTIN, Bedford, sueveyor.
Edwin REEVE, Liverpool, fruiterer.
Joseph HOWDEN, Wakefield, ironfounder.
Richard RICHARDSON, Manchester, gambroon manufacturer.
Henry DRAKE, Barnstaple, attorney.
Thomas Hewett WETMORE, Worcester, grocer.
Edward BROWN, Birmingham, merchant.
John Window HARRIS, Wolverhampton, wine merchant.


FRIDAY, May 10.-
John MATHISON, Helmsdale, fish curer.

J. JACKSON, Glasgow, brazier.