The Cerk read a report of the Marypor Relief Committee stating that at a meeting of the committee it was resolved by twelve votes to one against and one neutral that Mr. John HUNTINGDON, Maryport, be recommended for the offices of relieving officer, &c, for Maryport district.-  The Chariman explained the course to be followed in the voting.  Upon the first vote they might consider themselves at liberty to vote for whom they liked, but he thought there was an understanding that if the voting showed any unanimity of feeling from Maryport they should pay respect to it upon the second vote.-  Mr. CAREY asked what use it was for the Maryport Guardians to send up a report if it had to be set aside now.-  The Chariman: I think you had only 12 members our to 21.- Father BROWNE: Fourteen.-  The Chairman:  A full majority didn’t vote for the candidate sent.-  Mr. LANGCAKE: Oh, yes, there were 12 out of 14.-  Mr. W. BRIGGS: But you were by no means unanimous.-  The Clerk read the list of candidates, which numbered 26.-  The Chairman, in reply to Mr. LANGCAKE didn’t think it necessary that a Guardian should sign his name showing for whom he voted.-  The Chairman replied that he had taken precautions to see that ho vote would be disclosed.-  Mr. L. ADAIR rose to point of order, and asked if it was not necessary that the report from the Maryport committee should be either received or adopted?  (A Voice: Not at all.)-  He moved that the report be accepted.-  A Guardian seconded.-  Mr. T. PAISLEY: I move as an amendment that we proceed to take the vote on the chairman’s ruling.-  Mr. W. BRIGGS seconded.-  This amendment was adopted by a large majority.-  After further questions, and a request from the Chairman that Guardians should read the standing orders, the first ballot was taken.-  Mr. HOLMES came in as the cards were collected, to late for the first vote.  There were 74 Guardians present, and the Chairman announced the voting as follow:- J. HUNTINGDON, 31;  J.B. ADAMS, 15;  W. ELLWOOD, 14;  W. COULTHARD, 4;  W. CARLTON, 2;  Twentyman GRAHAM, 2;  R.BOWMAN, 1;  Thos. MARINDALE, 1;  R. TELFORD, 1;  and W. WHITE,1.  The rest of the 26 were unsupported.  The district vote showed that of 20 Maryport Guardians present nine voted for Mr. HUNTINGDON.  The gentlemaen who had scored singles were not included in the second ballot, which resulted as follows:  J. HUNTINGDON, 35;  W. ELLWOOD, 17;  J.B. ADAMS, 15;  Twentyman GRAHAM,3; W. COULTHARD, 2; W. CARLTON, 1.  Mr. Carlton, being the lowest, dropped out, and a third vote was taken, this proving to be the final.  For the deciding heat Mr. POOLEY entered in time to vote.-  The Chairman said that upon this vote Mr. HUNTINGDON had received 39 votes and he declared him duly elected.  (Applause.)  - Mr. ELLWOOD had received 20, and Mr. ADAMS 15.-  The Chairman proposed that Mr. HUNTINGDON be unanimously elected.-  Mr. LAIRD seconded, and the motion was adopted.

  To Confer or Not Confer?-  No Cheap Trip To Gilsland

             Miss KING, who had taken off her hat, and hoped it was’t against the standing orders for ladies to speak without their headgear, referred to the Gilsand Conference and the subjects to be there discussed.  The Conference, she said, helped them to take a larger and wider view of the Poor Law, and made them see their responsibilities more clearly.  She proposed that the chairman, the clerk and the Messrs BRIGGS be the deputation to Gilsland, and if more than four could be sent she would propose Mr. MELROSE.---Mr. CAREY seconded.---Mr. WATSON thought it would have been more reasonable for Miss KING to leave it to the Board to name the committee-(Hear Hear).  They had ample on their hands, what with the new workhouse and tampering with the old one, without taking any new fangled things from Gilsland.-  The Chairman said the objection he saw to the list named was that there was no uban member in it.  (Hear hear).  He was mentioned, but he thought Miss KING might have forgotten he was not an urban member.- Mr. MURRAY observed that any member of the Board could attend on paying his own expenses.- Mrs. BIRKNSHAW moved that Mrs. CLARKE represent Workington,- Mr. HERBERT moved, as an amendment, that no deputation be sent.  He failed to see any benefit from the Conference, and it was unfair to saddle the ratepayers with the expense.  He quite admitted that it was a jovial and a social gathering.  Any members could go if they paid their own expenses and that was the way it should be managed.-  Mr. WATSON seconded the amendment.- Mr. LAIRD supported the motion, but objected to Miss KING mentioning the names, as Keswick was represented last year.-  Mr. LAIR: Miss KING was there.-  Mr. BRIGGS; She paid her won expenses.- Upon the vote the motion to send a deputation was rejected by 46 as against an d17 in favour.-  The announcement of the figures was received with cheers and laughter.

                                             To be continued