Mr. POLLOCK, in accordance with notice, moved that a new relief district be formed for Cockermouth Union, for places not now included in relief districts, to deal with all cases which have hitherto come before the Board.  They were all agreed that the district committees for the relief of cases of poverty were most valuable.   The work had been done well by those committees already appointed, and he asked that the Cockermouth district should have the same.  It was only necessary to quote a case that occurred at the last meeting when a poor woman of 72 years of age remained from half-past eleven until half-past one outside that room, and it might have been the same if it had been mid-winter.- The Chairman said that Mr. MURRAY had a notice of motion, but if he seconded this it might dispose of his own.- Mr. MURRAY accordingly seconded the motion.- The Chairman mentioned the places to be included in the new district, and that Plumbland and Gil___  would be added to the Maryport relief district, and Skiddaw be added to the Keswick district.  They would thus have the districts properly defined.-  Mr. MITCHELL asked if the Cockermouth relieving officer agreed to have Dean and Greysouthen added to his district?-  The Chairman said that was for consideration.-  The motion was adopted.