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                            MR    DAVID   BLAIN,

                                          CASTLE DOUGLAS, N.B.



                                    ALL  Classes of Sheep and Cattle BOUGHT

                                    and SOLD on Commission.  Orders receive

                                    prompt attention.         



                                 HINDE   LINE

                       CHEAPEST  ROUTE  and Shortest  Sea

                                       Passage between North of England

                                       and Belfast.


                                   FARES:   Whitehaven and Belfast- Saloon,

                              single  6s;  Return (2 months) 9s;  Steerage,

                              single 3s; Return (2 months) 5s.


                           JUNE    Sailings    From    WHITEHAVEN.

                                Tuesday                       Thursday                Saturday

                                           p.m.                               p.m.                     p.m.

                                                                     2nd    at    9             4th  at  11 ½

                                           7th  at  1 ½           9th at   2                11th at 4 ½

                                           14th at  7 ½             16th   at    9               18th at 11 ½

                                21st  at  1                      23rd   at   1 ½                25th at   2

                                28th at  5 ¾                   30th  at    7 ½         

                                  Steamer returns from Belfast on Mondays, Wednesdays

                                and Fridays.  For hours of sailing, and conditions see

                                “Hinde Line” Sailing Bills, exhibited at Railway Stations

                                 or apply to William Hinde, 6, Queen’s Quay, Belfast, and

                                42, Lowther Street, Whitehaven.