We the undersigned Land-owners and Occupiers of Land, within the Parish of
Gosforth, do hereby give NOTICE, that all persons who shall in future be
found Hunting, or Shooting, or Coursing upon any of the Estates which we
occupy within the Parish, without Leave will be immediately against as
wilful Trespass:

John DIXON, Wind Hall,
William Postlethwaite, Huttelbarrow,
Henry STEEL, Bleng-fell Gate,
Charles CRAITOE (N) Bankend,
Henry SHERWEN, High Boonwood,
Robert BRAGG, Bank House,
John SHEPARD, Gosforth Hall,
Isaac MAWSON, Gosforth Gate and Brow Foot,
Isaac HARTLEY, Town End and Sides,
William ROBINSON, Petton,
John COLEBANK, Bridge Petton,
George PEARSON, Bow Bridge,
Christopher KITCHEN, Thornbank,
Peter HERBERT, Mealbank,
William BROWNRIGG, Scarbrow,
Isaac MOSSOP, Scothole,
John ATKINSON, Scarbrow
Thomas SINGLETON, Moorside,
Samuel HODGSON, Row,
James MUNCASTER, Boonwood,
Isaac COLEBANK, Blennerhazel,
John MAWSON, Moorside,
Jacob SINGLETON, Croftnook
John BELL, Beekplace
Henry ASHBURNER, Gosforth Mill,
John SMITH, Kelbank,
Peter MOSSOP, Kelbank,
John SMITH, Hall Senna,
John HARTLEY, Pielplace,
Isaac MOSSOP, High House,
Charles JACKSON, Boathow,
Edward HELLON, Newton,
William HARTLEY, Longlands.

Gosforth September 7, 1819.