Our readers will be pleased with the following spirited and truly
English letters. We trust the example will be followed, and that Messrs. WYVILL
and GRAHAM will not be the only gentlemen, in these days of conspiracy and
vengeance, to remind us that we had ancestors who were not to be shaken from their
love of liberty, either by fear, shame or suffering.

                                   Burton Hall, Oct. 25, 1819.

"My Dear Lord, -  Having observed in the Globe of this morning, with the
greatest surprise and regret, that Lord FITZWILLIAM has been dismissed from the
Lord Lieutenancy of the West riding, for having sanctioned the proceedings of
the late County Meeting at York, and that it is intended by the Ministers of the
Crown to add to the disposable force of the country 11,600 men; no doubt
exists in my mind that the remonstrance's of the people are to be silenced by the
sword. Having, my Lord, as high a veneration as any man for that constitution
which has so long been the pride of England, and the envy of the world; as an
Englishman, I feel I should be unworthy the name, were I to consent to draw my
sword to blast for ever that freedom, which it must be the duty of every
individual in the state by all constitutional means to maintain.

       "It is, my lord, with feelings of the most unfeigned regret that I
thus tender the resignation of my Captaincy in Yorkshire Hussars; valuing as I
do, most highly, the society of my brother officers, and entertaining a feeling
of loyal pride in being a member of that corps.

       "For you, my lord, I shall ever posses the highest regard and esteem;
and I beg to assure your lordship that I duly appreciate the favours you have
conferred upon me, and that nothing but the highest sense of duty could have
induced me to make so great a sacrifice.

                       "I have the honour to be, my lord,
                             "Your lordship's most obliged
                                         M. WYVILL


"To the Right Hon. Lord GRANTHAM."
                 Netheryby, Oct. 27, 1819

"My Lord - I sincerely regret the painful necessity which compels me to
tender the resignation of my commission in your Lordship's regiment of Yeomanry

       "I am aware that the moment, which has been force upon my by recent
events, may appear to your Lordship most inopportune; but fearless of censure,
and regardless of misrepresentation, I do not hesitate to avow my public

       "The removal of Earl FITZWILLIAM from the Lord Lieutenancy of the
West  Riding would seem to indicate intentions on the part of Government, which I
hope never to see realised; and although an humble individual, I am unfit to
serve in a body of men, raised for constitutional purposes, which that Noble
Earl is held unfit to direct. I therefore resign my commission.

       "With strong feelings of personal attachment to your Lordship, and
sincere regard for a corps to which I thought it  an honour to belong, I am, my

                                      Your faithful and obedient,

                                              J. R. G. GRAHAM."

"To the Lord GRANTHAM.