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       Dwelling House For Sale
To be Sold in Public Sale, on Friday, the 12th day of November, 1819,  the
House of Thomas JACKSON, the Black Lion Inn, Whitehaven, (Exactly three o'clock
in the afternoon.)

All that Customery Messuage and Tenement, consisting of three dwelling
houses, situate in Duke-Street, Whitehaven aforesaid; containing in front to the
said street 7 1/2 yards, and extending from thence backwards 25 yards or
thereabouts, and at present in the occupation of James LYONS, Joseph LUCAS and
Benjamin FURNASS.

Also, will be sold, Two seats or Pews, in St. James Chapel, No. 54, in the
South Aisle, and No. 227, in the Gallery.

Terms and Conditions will be produced at the Time of Sale, and for further
particulars in the meantime, apply to Mr. WALKER, Solicitor, King-Street,


The Gravel and Stone, Lumbago, &c.

HICKMAN"s Pills are allowed to be the most successful preperation for
removing and preventing the future recurrance of, all those disorders that arise from
an imperfect action in the Urinary Organs; and Gravel and Stone Lumbago,
Pains in the back and Loins, and suppression of urine. Being composed of the most
innocent Ingredients, this invaluable medicine relieves the suffering Patient
from the excruviating tortures of those diseases.

Sold in boxes at 2s  9d and 11s for the Proprietor by the Printer of this
paper, WARE, BROCKBANK,  SAUL, Whitehaven; DIXON, MORDY, Workington; BAILEY,
WISE, Cockermouth; GRIERSON, TICKLE, Maryport; ROOK, Wigton; FALLOWFIELD,
ALLINSON, Penrith; GRIERSON, Keswick; BONNELL, Carlisle; also by the principal
Druggists, Booksellers and Medicine Vendors, in every town throughout the United