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JOHN FLEMING was charged with obstructing the police, but as there was

another charge against him, he was remanded till Monday.

J. FULLEN (13) and J. MURPHY (10), Egremont, were charged with playing

football on the streets, and were discharged with a caution.

WILLIAM MOORE, Harrington, was fined 15s, or fourteen days' imprisonment,

for having been drunk on licensed premises.

ANNIE SMITH was charged with having kept a dog without a licence. INSPECTOR

SANDERSON said he knew that the dog had belonged to defendant for the last

three years. - Fined 10s or seven days.

WM. SMITH, Sandwith, was charged with being drunk and disorderly, and with

having assaulted P.C. BATEMAN, - Fined 10s or seven days for being drunk,

and 40s or one month for the assault.

ALFRED BLAKE was charged with having stolen five wooden rails from the Brake

Top, Monkwray. P.C. STEELE sais that about 1-30 on the morning of the 16th

inst. he saw the prisoner come from behind a hut carrying five rails on his

shoulder similar to the one produced. He asked prisoner who let him have

them, and he replied that the man who was taking the old ones down and

putting new ones up said he could take them. Witness charged him with

having stolen the rails, the property of the Whitehaven Colliery Company.

JAMES QUIRK, employed by the Company, said he missed some of the rails that

he had taken down; he had put them on the other side of the embankment so

as to put them out of the way of temptation. - Fined 20s or fourteen days'

imprisonment with hard labour.

JACOB TAYLOR was charged with having stolen a quantity of coal, the property

of ROBT. SIMPSTON, shipowner. - P.C. COULSON said he saw prisoner with a

bag of coal near the steamship Kelbourne, which was in the harbour. -

Witness examined the coal and found that it was dry. - The Chairman:

That's just it; if there were no persons to receive it, you would not get

it; they will take any quantity you give them. - After consultation, the

Chairman said if it was in their power they would punish the lad's mother,

as if she would not receive the coal the boy would not take it. Fined 5s.

MR. CHAPMAN asked that the summonses against three defendants who were

charged with coal stealing should be withdrawn, as it was thought in the

interest of the parties that a settlement should take place. - The summonses

were accordingly withdrawn.

On the application of MR. ATTER, the transfer of the licence of the Lowther

Arms, Ginns, from THOMAS SALKELD (who is now an inmate at Garlands Asylum)

to JOHN SELKELD, of Wigton, was granted.


(Workington) were charged with trespassing on the railway at Harrington. -

DETECTIVE-SERGEANT BLACKBURN prosecuted on behalf of the Railway Company -

The Clerk contended that the evidence was insufficient as there was no

evidence to show that there was any danger. - Defendants were discharged.

THOS. BAINBRIDGE, Sandwith, was fined 5s for not sending his children

regularly to school.



JOHN RILEY was sent to prison for seven days for begging at Egremont on


JOHN FLEMING was charged, on remand, with having obstructed the police and

with having done grievous bodily harm to an elderly woman, JANE TWEDDLE, on

the 20th inst. - SUPERINTENDENT KELLY said that MRS. TWEDDLE was in the

workhouse and unable to attend Court, and he therefore applied for a remand

till Thursday, which was granted.

For being drunk and disorderly the following penalties were imposed:

W. BARNES, seven days; R. COWIE and A. BOYLES, fined 10s or seven days;

MARGARET GAITSGILL, 15s or 14 days; ED TAYLOR, 20s or 14 days; WM.

CAINE, 10s, or seven days.