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Next Saturday will be May day.

Spring cleaning is now in full swing.

Whitehaven County Court will be on Monday.

The House of Commons resumed work on Monday.

There is a steady increase of British Soldiers and guns at the Cape.

MR. JACKSON, of Saltcoats, Drigg, has a field of oats three inches high.

MR. HELDER, M.P., leaves town to-day to attend to his parliamentary duties.

MR. .AND MRS. SPENCER BROADBENT, Moresby, were during the past week blessed

with a son and heir.

HIS HONOUR JUDGE STEAVENSON was entertained to dinner at Carlisle on

Thursday by the registrars of his circuit.

Eastertide has produced a beautiful supply of new bonnets and hats,

especially amongst the Sunday congregations.

Last Sunday, an unaccountable rumour was circulated in Whitehaven of the

death of the DUCHESS OR YORK.

The Millom District Council has re-elected MR. GEORGE HILL as chairman, and

MR. G. E. SHELDON as vice-chairman.

There will be no change in the running of passenger trains on the Furness or

Cleator and Workington Junction railways in May from present arrangements.

The preparations for the celebration of the Queen's longest reign at

Whitehaven promise to be particularly backward. The moving spirit seems to

be a tardy one.

There was a large flock of goats and kids standing for sale outside

Preston-street Auction Mart on Thursday. The prices asked varied from 10s

to a pound for the goats.

At Whitehaven market on Thursday last, butter opened at 1s 1d per lb., but

the supply being greater than the demand, the price gradually came down to

10d. Eggs found a brisker market, and sold at 15 and 16 for 1s.

A rummage sale in connection with Christ Church was held in Monkwray Schools

on Thursday, when there were a large number of useful and fancy articles

displayed. A little over £5 was realised, which will be given to the needy

of Christ Church parish.

On Monday an explosion occurred in a first-class carriage of the underground

railway at Aldersgate-street station with the result that the carriage was

nearly blown to atoms, which, with broken glass and other falling debris,

did serious damage to passengers and officials.