After a series of encounters between the Turks and Greeks it appears that

actual fighting has ceased, Greece being utterly beaten. There is a report,

however , that a change of ministry has taken place at Athens, but this is

understood to be merely a political manoeuvre, intended to provide a bridge

of retreat for Greece in her military extremity.

The news of Turkish successes has given general satisfaction at

Constantinople, and it is expected that EDHEM PASHA will occupy Vola and

Trikhala with a view to strengthening his position, and that the Turkish

Government will call upon Greece to evacuate Crete on condition of the

withdrawal of the Ottoman troops from Thessaly.

An exchange of views is proceeding among the European Cabinets regarding the

expediency of mediation between Turkey and Greece.



Yesterdays "Yorkshire Post" says:

One of the little tricks of the Parliamentary Radical is to multiply

divisions in order that his record at the end of the Session may look well

when it is presented, as it usually is, to his constituents in the local


To put a stop to this practice MR. DUNCOMBE will suggest to MR. BALFOUR

to-morrow night that the standing orders shall be altered so as to provide

that in cases of frivolous divisions shall not appear in the division lists

so as to count for a division.

If this little reform is carried out, it is believed that the anxiety

manifested in Radical quarters at certain periods to divide the House upon

every conceivable occasion, will to a large extent disappear.