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The following are the newly-appointed officers of the Bowling Club: --

President:  MR. J. STIRLING
Vice-Presidents:  MR. J. LINDOW and MR. J. S. AINSWORTH
Committee:  MESSRS. H. WARD,   M. SHEPHERD,   J. SHYLAN,   M. M'NAMEE,   W.
Secretary:  MR. C. GOWAN
Treasurer: MR. R. JUKES.

A service of song, "Little Minnie" was given by the members of the
Presbyterian School yesterday evening, the REV. MR. STEWART giving the
connective readings.

The Band of Hope, in connection with the Moor Row U.M.F.C., held their
annual tea and entertainment on Thursday.

The choir of the Moor Row Primitive Methodist Church held their annual
public tea on Good Friday.

The Easter services at the Parish Church were conducted by the REV. G. B.
ARMES.  The interior of the church was decorated by the MISSES BURNS-LINDOW
(3),  Eben Hall, assisted by the choir and Bible Class.  MISS SHANKS, of
Woodend, and MISS A. BURNS-LINDOW were the organists.

The REV. R. WOODWARD preached at St. John's Church, Bigrigg, on Sunday.  The
Church was decorated and anthems were sung, the solos being taken by MESSRS.
CARRUTHERS and PEARSON.  MISS SMITH presided at the organ.

At the Vestry Meeting, on Monday, MR. JONAS LINDOW was elected people's
warden, and MR. WM. COLEBANK, vicar's warden, in connection with Cleator
Parish Church.  MR. J. RIGG was elected sidesman, and MR. J. C. TEASDALE was
nominated by the vicar.