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Our idea was a walking tour, by way of Ennerdale, over the fells to
Buttermere, Crummock, and on to Keswick, then train home;  and with the view
of having a real good long day, we landed at the Anglers' Inn, Ennerdale (a
very comfortable country hostelry) on the Thursday night.  Having disposed
of supper, had a good "crack" with WILLIE HALIFAX, the landlord, who was for
many years in charge of the boats on Bassenthwaite Lake, and who can tell
some rare good fishing stories over a glass of "Mossop's Blend".  We went
off to bed betimes to dream of enchanting mountain views, a good dinner at
Buttermere or Scalehill, with a host of other delights on the morrow.  But
alas !  alas !!

"The best laid schemes o' mice and men gang aft agley".

Friday morning found us early astir, and eager for the start.  The sky was
scanned critically in the most approved fashion by each member of the group
(five in number), and eventually the landlord was asked what he thought of
the weather.  In his usual cautious style, he replied "that it did not look
over promising".  Breakfast having been despatched (such eggs and butter as
we had, can only be got in the country), and the bill paid, we bade the
landlord a cheery "Good-morning", and started off, in the hope that we would
pay another visit to Ennerdale in the course of the coming summer.  Our
party was in good form, and joke and chaff went gaily on as we toiled up the
fellside.  Very soon, however, the rain overtook us, then the mist settled
down all round, and by the time we got to the top, we were in a complete

We had by this time lost all trace of the "trod", and our efforts to make
headway were fruitless;  we therefore decided to make our way back to the
Angler's Inn, and this we contrived  to do after about three hours toil

But oh ! what an experience, the rains came down in torrents, as it only
knows how on a Cumberland fell, and this was varied by showers of snow and

There was one umbrella amongst the five of us, and the efforts of each to
get one inch or so of shelter under it was ludicrous in the extreme.

to be continued.....................................................