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suitable for framing.

Will be given in deserving cases as Consolation Prizes.

The Winner of the prize this week is

    East Croft, Beckermet.

Who, on appliction, will obtain an order for goods to the value 2s 6d. on
any tradesman who has an advertisement in the "Gazette"  Application should
be made at once.

The following note has been received from last week's prize winner: --

Dear Uncle Sam, --  I was pleased, as well as surprised, to see that I had
won the prize.  Please make me an order to Miss ADAIR, King-street, and
oblige, your loving niece.

MARGARET J. CONNERS, Arrowthwaite, Whitehaven.

The order has been forwarded.

Prize Winner


Dear Uncle Sam, --  The way in which I spent Good Friday was:  I went to
church in the morning from half-past ten to twelve o'clock.  In the
afternoon I went along the line side, for some primroses.  It was a very
nasty morning, but it brightened up towards the afternoon, and so we had a
pleasant walk.  In the evening I stayed at home and painted a little.  Your
affectionate niece,
MARION E. BROWN, East Croft, Beckermet.


Dear Uncle Sam, --  On Good Friday morning I went to church.  There were not
many people present, because it was so wet.  After that I came home and had
my dinner.  Next I had my music lesson.  After that, I read a book called
"Ivanhoe" and then I went for a walk.  I remain, your affectionate niece,
ANNIE GRACE THOMAS, Camomile Cottage, Ponsonby

Dear Uncle Sam, --  The way I spent Good Friday was.  I got up at half-past
seven, had breakfast, and then went to Sunday School with my brothers.  It
is held at Muncaster school, so it is a nice walk.  We got caught in a storm
when coming back and got a bit wet.  I read a story book till dinner was
ready, and then waited on customers for mother till closing time.  I then
had a walk, and after tea played outside till it was time to come in and
help mother till bed time.  Altogether, I spent a very pleasant Good Friday,
as we were very busy, and I thought I had been very useful.
JOHN IRWIN, Pennington Arms Hotel, Ravenglass.

Dear Uncle Sam, --  Good Friday was our annual tea party.  In the morning it
was rather dull and showery, but in the afternoon it came out fine.  At two
o'clock we perambulated the principal streets of the town, returning to tea
at three.  After we had had our tea we were provided with a bag of nuts and
sweets and an orange piece.  Then we went into the field, where we played at
various games.  At seven o'clock there was a meeting, and hymns and
recitations were sung and said by the teachers and scholars.  At nine
o'clock we returned home, after spending a vey pleasant day.  From your
loving niece,
SARAH LIZZIE PORTER, 3, Moor Cottages, Millom.

Dear Uncle Sam, --  As last Good Friday morning was wet I amused myself by
helping dye pasche eggs and playing some indoor games with my brothers.
After dinner I went to meet my uncle, who was coming by Buttermere and over
Black Sail Pass.  After we had tea I took him for a walk over Burnmoor to
see the tarn.  We came back by the Screes, and being tired with my day's
walk, I got my supper and went to bed.  Your affectionate nephew,



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