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Anecdote Competion

                             is offered
For the most Amusing Local PARAGRAPH,
             INCIDENT, or ANECDOTE,
Sent in to reach the "Gazette" Office on Tuesday
                  morning every week.


    The following note has been received from the
4th March prize winner: --

    Dear Uncle Sam, I was very pleased with the
prize I won on the 4th of March -- a mantelpiece
clock form W. Collis, Lowther-street--for which
I return many thanks. --I remain, you loving
                            Jonathan SHEPHERD.


The following note has been received form last
week's prize winner: --

    Dear Uncle Sam,  I was very much pleased
when I saw I had won the prize last week.
Would you kindly send me an order on Mr. R. M.
Taggart, 60, King-street.  Thanking you very
much. --I remain, your loving nephew,

                                        John Henry WARWICK,
21st March, 1897
The order has been forwarded.