SUDDEN DEATH AT EGREMONT - On Sunday evening a rather sudden death occurred at
Egremont. A woman named SAVAGE, aged 56, was out in the afternoon, and about half-pat six
 was suddenly attacked by paralysis, and never rallied, death resulting about half-past eleven.

NARROW ESCAPE FROM DROWNING AT WHITEHAVEN - A little boy , five years of age,
 named Thomas EVANS, whose parents reside in Queen Street, Whitehaven, was playing near
the edge of the wet dock on Tuesday afternoon, when he feel into the water. When got out the
little fellow was in a very exhausted condition, but after the usual restoratives had been
by Dr MUIR, he was brought round, and is now none the worse for his mishap.

DEPARTURE OF CLEATOR MOOR EMIGRANTS - By the early train yesterday morning
there left Cleator Moor about a dozen young men, mostly miners, who are going out to Colorado,
with Mr James RUSH, son of Mr Thomas RUSH, who has been here for a time on a visit to his
parents and friends, and is now returning to Colorado. The party will be joined in Liverpool by
six or eight persons from Ireland. They all sail on the steam ship ALASKA, to-day(Saturday),
from Liverpool to New York, thence proceeding by rail to their destination.

ACCIDENT - On Saturday morning last, while a number of men were engaged in removing the
 wagons which had fallen from one of Messrs BAIN's and Co's sidings at Lowca Point, Harrington,
into a hollow half way down the cliff, one of them broke away and struck Mr CRAWFORD,
engineer to Harrington Colliers, knocking him down and falling on him. When released it was
found that one of Mr CRAWFORD's arms were broken. He was taken to Whitehaven, where
 his injuries received attention

NEGLIGENT PARENTS AT CLEATOR MOOR - At the Cleator Moor Police Court,
yesterday (Friday), Michael SULLIVAN, 11, Riley Terrace, Mary MURPHY, 46, Leconfield
Street, and Frederick EARLE, 3, Fletcher Street, Cleator Moor, were each fined 2s 6d for
having neglected to send their children regularly to school - The charges were preferred at
the instance of the Cleator Moor School Attendance Committee, and the cases were proved
by Mr John CAFFERY, the attendance officer.

UNSUCCESSFUL EMIGRANTS IN CANADA - Our correspondent was shown on Saturday
a letter received by a tradesman at Cleator Moor, from a late resident, who, at the time the
letter was written was a Montreal, Canada. The writer wishes that some measures would be
adopted by the Government in England to - at least for the present - prevent emigration
being carried on on so extensive a scales as is now the case. "Many hundreds, nay thousands,
are here," he says, "unable to find employment. They are not living-starving is the proper
word. The parties to whom such a state of things is attributable are the emigration agents
at home, who have a commission of so much per head on all emigrants sent out by them ; the
result is that a class of emigrants are arriving , who, in many ways, are not suitable."
The writer adds "Stay where your are; don't come out here; and get this inserted in some
of the local papers."

TRESPASSERS AT FRIZINGTON - Yesterday (Friday) at Cleator Moor Petty Sessions,
two lads, 12 years of age, named Edward BURNS and Thomas DOWELL, of Frizington, were
fined 5s each for having trespassed upon a pasture field belonging to Mr W. CROSTHWAITE,
farmer, of Frizington ; and James LEARY, miner, of Wyndham Street, was fined 12s 6d for
trespassing upon a meadow field belonging to Mr CROSTHWAITE.
Inspector ANDERSON, stated that the defendant, in the company of a man named CARTY,
was rolling upon the grass.  -  Mr WATSON; Especially grass that is to be mown

FURIOUS RIDING AT CLEATOR MOOR - Yesterday (Friday) at the Cleator Moor
Police Court before H. JEFFERSON, Esq (in the chair), and H. H. WATSON, Esq. John ROBB,
driver of a brokers cart, of Trumpet Terrace, Cleator Moor, was charged at the instance of the
Cleator Local Board, with having furiously ridden a horse in the public streets of Cleator
on the 30th May. The defendant - who was in the employ of Mr FARQUHARSON - was fined
40s and informed by the Chairman that if he came again the penalty would be made much heavier

(Friday) at the Cleator Moor Police Court - Daniel NICHOL, farmer, of Longmoor Head, Ennerdale,
was charged, under the Sale of Food and Drugs Act, with having adulterated milk at Cleator
on the 7th inst. fined £5 or one months gaol - defendant paid the fine.
Mr William JOHNSTONE, of Wheelpride, Hensingham was also charged with the same offence
but the charges were dropped due to two technical points on the summons.

The Clerk: a fresh summons will have to be issued - Case dismissed