Dear Uncle Sam, - I do not think you could find a prettier little spot in
Cumberland than Santon Bridge. It is about five miles from Drigg. It nestles in
a valley, and it is so quiet and peaceful you could hardly think it was
inhabited, being mostly undisturbed by tourists. There are lovely shady walks all
round, through leafy woods, and if you climb Irton Fell you have a splendid
view of the sea and the country for many a mile. There is just one old
fashioned inn at Santon Bridge, which is also a farm house; a post-office, which is
also a small general shop; a blacksmith's forge, a few thatched cottages, and
that is all. - Your affectionate nephew,

B. GARLAND, Wasdale Head.



Dear Uncle Sam, - My favourite Cumberland resort is Keswick. The reason why
I like it is because it is a nice and healthy place, and there are plenty of
enjoyments. Some go to the place where the lead pencils are made. Some go to
ride in the country around Keswick, and to climb the mountains, and look at
the scenery. some go to sail on the lake and to look at the waterfall.- From
your affectionate nephew,

Herbert S. IRELAND,
Schoolhouse, Hensingham.


Dear Uncle Sam, - The summer resort I like the best is Eskdale. It is very
pleasant to go upon the mountains and view the scenery around, which is rugged.
Then the air is so fresh and pure which blows over from the mountains. This
is a very healthy summer resort. I remain your affectionate nephew,

James Dixon HARKER,
Keekle Cottage.


Dear Uncle Sam, - I consider the best summer resort in Cumberland to be St.
Bees. This is a very healthy place, and many people visit it from large towns.
There are seats on the beach to sit on and watch the tide rolling in and
out. There are also bathing vans to go out to bathe in. The sea breeze is very
refreshing. - I remain, your affectionate nephew,

William BOADLE,
Keekle Bank.


Dear Uncle Sam, - I think the best resort is Keswick. There are many
attractive sights here, such as Derwentwater, Friar's Crag, &c. Skiddaw is close
beside Keswick, and a grand view may be seen from such mountains as this. In the
town there are the pencil works and Fitz Park. It is very interesting to
some people to go to the pencil works, and see the pencils being made. In Fitz
Park a person may sit down and watch people play at bowls , cricket, and lawn
tennis. There is also a fountain in this park, where you may have a drink. - I
remain, your affectionate nephew,

5, Marine-Terrace,