Wheat Sheaf Inn, Workington. - To be let by proposal, for a term of four or five years, as may be agreed on, all that large, commodious, and well accustomed inn, known by the name of the Wheat Sheaf; consisting of a large dwelling house, stables, yard, and other conveniences situate in Portland Square, Workington. Mrs CARTER, the owner, wishing to retire from business, the above inn, from its long establishment and known resort of travellers, is a very desirable residence for any person wishing to engage in the capacity of an innkeeper. – Possession may be had at Lady Day, or sooner if the parties can agree. Proposals in the mean time, will be received by Mrs Carter, on the premises, and the tenant will be declared on Wednesday the 9th of February, 1814. The tenant can be accommodated with a part of the furniture, &c at a fair valuation.