Rule’s Assignment. Whereas James RULE, of Whitehaven, painter, hath by indenture dated the 21st day of January 1814, assigned over to Henry THOMPSON, grocer, and John CLEMENTSON, painter, both of Whitehaven aforesaid, all his furniture, stock in trade, book debts, and other effects, in trust for the equal benefit of such of his creditors as shall execute the same on or before the first day of May next, notice is hereby given, that the said indenture of assignment is lodged at the office of Mr Henry ATKINSON, solicitor, John’s Lane, Whitehaven, for the inspection and signature of such of his creditors as may chuse (sic) to accept the benefit of the trusts thereof. All persons, indebted to the estate of the said James Rule, are requested to make immediate payment of their respective debts, to the said assignees.