The many patrons of the Theatre Royal will be pleased to know that extensive alterations have been made by the proprietor, and that now the popular old building is as snug and smart as possible.  MR. BROWN, the manager, has been astute enough to engage a whole lot of the best companies on tour for the coming season, and bumper houses are certain to result.  The first performance of the season will be on Bank Holiday night, when "The Streak o' Sunshiine" will be put on the boards in a first-class manner.



On Wednesday next MR. J. DAVIDSON of the Black Lion Inn, Washington Street, enters on the Commercial Inn, so long occupied by MR. JAMES.  MR. DAVIDSON will no doubt maintain the high character of the Commercial, and find he has made a good change.



The prosperous "London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Life Assurance Company" have secured another good man.  They have got hold of MR. ALFRED SPENCER, and appointed him the Superintendent of the Workington District,  MR. SPENCER having given up the position he has held at Moss Bay Works as Traffic Manager for the past seven years.  MR. SPENCER has received a most flattering letter from MR. VALENTINE on his leaving the Moss Bay Company;  and the London, Edinburgh and Glasgow folks have undoubtedly made a good catch.  We wish MR. SPENCER great success.



JOHN WILLIAMS, of Seaton, a victim of the late serious catastrophe at St. Helens Colliery was laid to his final resting place in Camerton Churchyard, on Tuesday afternoon last, when notwithstanding the inclement state of the weather, there was a large concourse of the friends of the deceased present.  Deceased was a Cornishman, and consequently had but few relatives in the immediate neighbourhood.



The weekly meeting of the St. John's Temperance Society, Workington, was held on Tuesday night, when the REV. J. J. THORNLEY presided.  The following was the programme rendered:


Piano solo, Weber, MISS QUIRK;

-piano solo, Les Delites, MISS QUIRK;

-duet(piano) Merry Sleigh Bells, MISS PRESTON and MISS JOHNSTON;

-song, Two Little Children, MISS ARDLEY;

-song, In the Cathedral, MISS WALKER;

-reading, The Spanish Armada, CHAIRMAN;

-song, The Little one that died, MR. E. GARD;

-song, The Vacant Chair, MR. E. GARD;

-song, Love at Home, MRS. WILLIAMS.

MISS QUIRK presided at the piano.  There was a very good attendance.






On Thursday afternoon, the scholars of St. John's Westfield, and John-street Sunday Schools had their annual excursion to Seascale.  The scholars were in charge of the REV. J. J. THORNLEY, vicar, and the teachers, and comprised close upon 1,000.  The excursionists left by the Cleator and Workington Railway, and upon reaching their destination, various games were engaged in, after which tea was served to the youngsters.  A most enjoyable day was spent.