The High Sheriff of Lancashire has fixed Tuesday, 7th August, for the execution of JACKSON the Strangeways murderer.



PRINCE ALBERT VICTOR visited Bury on Saturday and opened the new public recreation grounds, which have been purchased and laid out at a cost of L 35,000.



MR. W. P. DODGE, of New York, and MISS IDA LENA COOKE, who eloped from Keswick on the 15th inst., were married in Edinburgh on Saturday.



The Colliery Company, Rhonndda Valley, have voluntarily decided to grant an advance of 5 per cent. to their five thousand colliers.



One of the three men arrested in connection with the Chicago conspiracy has made a confession.  He admits that there was a conspiracy got up, but denies that its intention was the assassination of two judges and a police inspector.



A tribal conflict arising from a land dispute, has occurred between Maories in the Whangarei district.  A pitched battle was fought, in which 70 men stood against 120.  There were several killed or wounded.



The English iron market continues to improve steadily, if slowly.  Since our last review of the iron trade, a fortnight ago, there has not been any relapse worth speaking of.  Some districts still seem to lag behind, but the general tone of the trade shows unmistakeable signs of greater strength.