This circus visited Workington last Thursday and gave two performances.  The tent was crowded at night.  The company which comprised a large number of Artistes, was an excellent one; and the novelties of trained elephants and wolves, and a kangaroo hunt, were much enjoyed by the audiences.



The weekly meeting of the St. John's Branch, Workington, of the C.E.T.S. was held on Tuesday evening, at the Parish-room.  The REV. J. J. THORNLEY, vicar, presided.  The following programme was gone through:


Recitation: "The working jacket", MR. BARKER.

Reading:  "The runaway wedding", MR. HARKNESS.

Reading: "Betsy and I are out", MR. G. JONES.

Recitation:  "What is time", MR. BARKER

Reading:  "Rab and his friends", MR. HARKNESS.


A resolution was adopted expressing the society's deep sense of the loss of their member MRS. JOSEPH SCOTT, of Brow Top, and of her many services to the society.



A meeting of the Parish Church Restoration Committee was held on Thursday evening in the Parish Room.  MR. T. IREDALE presided.  The REV. P. HACKWORTH was appointed secretary to the Building Committee in the place of MR. J. D. FIDLER.  It was resolved that MR. HOWES, architect, be instructed to get the contracts signed, and have the work of rebuilding the church proceeded with at once.  The contract has been let to MESSRS. LISTER, M'CARTNEY and LISTER, for L. 5,446.



The members of the Great Clifton Homing Society had their weekly race meeting last Saturday afternoon, the place selected to fly from being Yearl Brow Top, Workington, a distance of 2-1/2 miles.  The conditions of the flying contest was that each bird be liberated three minutes apart, the first pigeon being let off at 4-30.  Each bird having been timed, the following were announced to be the winners: -


First, JOS. GRAHAM's Short-neb

Second, JOS. TINNION's True Blue


Third, GEORGE POOLE's Arbitration.

There were 31 entries.



At Warrington, on Monday, EDWARD GOUGH was fined 5s. for having on Sunday, the 8th inst. unlawfully exercised his worldly calling of a photographer without necessity.