The Local Board are beginning to get wearied with the roundabout course the charter of incorporation is taking.  The Clerk has been instructed to write twice a week for the Charter.  It was stated that other towns which had applied for Charters of incorporation after Workington, had got theirs, and the reason was unknown why Workington was kept so long without its authority.


How will the high salaried officials in London feel at receiving two letters each week from Workington.  It will indeed be a terrible infliction to them to be worried and badgered in their "extremely arduous duties."  The idea of the Workington Local Board writing twice a week and perfectly clamouring for the Charter.  The Government officials must have something to pass their time with and will be more diverting to them than to play with a Charter for "big" Workington.


It is indeed wrong of any Authority - and Workington cannot even be excused - of wishing to disturb the slow and easy going working of the machinery of the Local Government Board and Privy Council Offices.