The usual monthly meeting was held on Tuesday evening.  After the minutes of the last meeting had been signed, MR. A. PEILE moved, on behalf of MR. S. W. BRADBURY, that a general district rate at 1s. 3d in the L. be levied in the North Ward, and at 8d. in the L. in the South Ward, and at 4d. in the L. in the East Ward.  He pointed out that the reduction was for the North Ward threepence less than in the last rate.  Twelve months ago the general district rate was 1s. 8-1/2d., and eighteen months ago it was 1s. 10-1/2d., so that the general district rate showed a steady downward course, which was satisfactory.


The sanitary work of the town was well carried on, and the finances were well looked after.  When the last rate was made, 2-1/2 in the pound was estimated as the loss on the Derwent river gravitation scheme, and up to the end of March, the loss was L500, so that this estimate was borne out.  He was very sorry that he did not see any possibility for this loss being less during the next year.


A considerable sum of money was spent in the maintaining of LORD LONSDALE's weirs which were unfortunately cast upon the town.  The balance in the bank was not larger than was necessary.


MR. MILBURN seconded the motion, and said that it was a very satisfactory thing that the general rate was being reduced.  During the time he was chairman the town had been well kept in a sanitary sense, and the outlook at present was better, and it was a pleasure to him to know that this reduction could be made after he had left the chair.


MR. FLETCHER called attention to the unfairness of paying for the hospital out of one rate; and he wanted to know how it was that there was so much money lying idle in the bank.  He thought that a 1s. rate would be sufficient, when there was still about L900 in the bank.  He thought that the total should be shown less the L800 paid for the Old Poorhouse, and the L900 balance. - MR. WILSON was of the same opinion.  - MR. PEILE remarked that out of L5,150 total rates only L4 remained uncollected at the end of the half-year, which was very creditable indeed to the collector. (Hear, Hear).


THE CHAIRMAN next moved that the price of gas to consumers be reduced from 2s. 11d. per 1,000 feet to 2s. 6d., from July 1st.  In 1856, the number of gas consumers was 480, the price being 5s.  In 1882, it was 3s. 9d.  In 1883, it was reduced to 3s. 4d.  In 1885, it was again reduced, both occasions being the result of MR. SMITH's motion, to 2s. 11d. per thousand.  It would be a boon to the tradesmen.  The profits on the gasworks for the last year amounted to L1,020, and next year would prove a better year than the last, even with the reduction.  He hoped the time was not far distant when from the profits of the gasworks the town might build a new market-house.  His wish was to give gas to the consumers at 2s. 6d. per thousand, and this could now be done as the works were in excellent order and under excellent management.  -  MR. CARRUTHERS seconded the motion.  After some discussion the motion was withdrawn for the present.


MR. WILSON moved that no member of the Board or official employ any of the workmen of the Board, either in or out of his own time. - CAPTAIN ROBINSON seconded. - THE CHAIRMAN protested that the motion was casting a slur on the honesty of the servants.  The motion was carried.


A letter was received from MR. TATHAM PROCTOR, relative to the proposed incorporation of the town, to the effect that no promise could be got as to when the incorporation scheme would be ready for submission to the Local authorities.  MR. MILBURN said that there had been a great amount of dilatoriness over this incorporation, and it ought to have been concluded long ago.  He thought the clerk should write twice a week till the matter was settled, whether Workington was to have the charter or not.  He moved that the clerk be instructed to write twice a week. - This was seconded by MR. FLETCHER and carried.


MR. EAGLESFIELD, surveyor, reported that he had served notices to abate the nuisance at Dyke Side, and the notice had been attended to by most of the owners there.  He had made a thorough inspection of the town along with the medical officer, and reported several houses as being deficient in ventilation.  The nuisance caused by the back behind the Soapery houses was very bad, and it had been suggested that a junction, with the Derwent water main at a sluice valve at Derwent Bridge might be made and thus obtain a heavy flush of water which would scour out the pipe and also cleanse the back course at the same time. - The flushing of the beck was not agreed to by the Board.


The Hospital Committee was to have met on June 8th, but MR. W. WILSON was the only member present.  MR. T. IREDALE attended by request, and the member present elected himself to the chair in order to proceed with business.  A lot of detailed work was arranged, and on Wednesday morning, June 13th, MR. WILSON, along with the surveyor, accepted MR. CARRUTHERS' tender for the repairs and alterations, and the work is now being done.


At a meeting of the Water Committee held on the 28th of June, tenders for the repairs of Salmon Hall weir were read, and it was recommended that the tender of MR. R. BROWN be accepted at L88 5s. 8d. - The surveyor reported that the average daily consumption of water passed through the Crummock main for Workington during the quarter was equal to 31 gallons per head per day, against 34 gallons last quarter.  He had received a great many complaints from people living at the lower end of the town not having sufficient pressure of water to supply their tanks, and from several persons living in High-street, where the water would not reach except it was shut off at Cross Hill, and also owing to the pressure being checked for others districts in Stainburn.


THE CHAIRMAN inquired if MR. IREDALE would be home for Thursday, and the Clerk replied that he would not. - The CHAIRMAN said it was necessary that somebody should be appointed to act on the Joint Committee in the room of MR. IREDALE, as on Thursday that committee would proceed to elect a chairman, and it would not do to have Workington crippled.  Unless Workington appeared at the meeting with the whole of its five members, it would not have the power to appoint a chairman.  He moved that MR. IREDALE's name be removed from the committee, and that MR. H. HODGSON be appointed in his place.  If MR. IREDALE wished to act afterwards it could perhaps be arranged. - the motion was agreed to. - The Water Committee recommended that the proposal that Workington should agree to the capacity of the Crummock main being fixed at 1,200,000 gallons, on consideration that MR. SMITH's stand pipe be allowed to be erected, be declined. - The CHAIRMAN referring to the water supply in question, said it was shameful the water should be turned off two or three times a week, and when Harrington got its full supply, Workington would be in a dilemma.  MR. FLETCHER called attention to the great want of water at the lower end of the town, a fact was both dangerous and disgraceful.  He proposed that the main in Victoria-street, connected with Harrington-road, be extended to the end of Bolton-street, to supplement the present supply.  He would not have the matter shelved any longer. - The motion was carried after being seconded by MR. DUFFIELD.


DR. HIGHET reported that during the past month there had been 80 births and 35 deaths registered, making a birth rate of 46.3 and a death rate of 19.7 per 1,000.  The district was free from infectious diseases.  The report dealt at length with a great many nuisances.


MR. W. WILSON said that under the County Government Bill 51 councillors were allotted to Cumberland.  Out of that number, Carlisle was to have seven representatives.  Now as Workington was only 13,000 of population less than Carlise, it ought to have 4 Councillors to represent it, and he moved that the Clerk write to MR. RITCHIE calling attention to the claims of the town.  Workington was in a very unfair position as it only had twelve magistrates, as against 24 for Cockermouth and 23 for Whitehaven. - MR. TOWERS seconded and the motion was unanimously.


Notices of motion were given as follows:


By CAPTAIN ROBINSON:  That application be made to the Quarter Sessions to take over the road from Salterbeck to Harrington as a highway.


By MR. FLETCHER:  That the Board take steps either to purchase or lease a piece of ground near the centre of town for use as a public playground.


By MR. PATTERSON:  That the necessary steps be taken for the public dedication of Harrington Road.


The Board rose shortly after ten o'clock.