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The "Workington Star" appears today for the first time, and takes its place with some pride as the only newspaper printed in Workington.

The "Star" will unquestionably supply a real want, and we pledge our word that so far as it is possible, the "Star" will supply that want fairly and thoroughly. It has often been a matter of comment that this large and important town, with its extensive commerce, its teeming thousands of population and its manifold interest, had not a newspaper of its own.


True, it has many newspapers sent into it from various towns in the county, but though it is itself the largest town in Cumberland with one exception, it has really no paper of its own, save the "Star".

The "West Cumberland Times" is a very excellent paper, but it only serves Workington as part of a large district, and cannot be called a Workington paper in the same sense that the "Star" is one.

The paper called the "Workington News" is all printed at Whitehaven, and the "Free Press" is half-printed at Birmingham and half in this town. Thus the "Star" truly stands alone as the Workington paper.

Believing that in this day of speed, when the human family appears to be continually imbibing more of the nature of the racehorse, large papers with much heavy matter in them are read by very few, we bring out the "Star" as a half-penny paper, bright, full, and we hope thoroughly readable, and if our readers and supporters want it larger, we shall oblige as soon as it is in our power.

The "Star" will in all things do what it can for Workington, and the promotion of Workington's interests. Its columns will be open freely to discussion of any question of local interest, and we shall always be glad to receive suggestions as to Town's affairs.

As we are going in for illustrations, we hope by and by to give many local views and cuts, and whenever the day arrives that make "big Workington" an incorporated town, we shall try to present our readers with first-class portraits of our first Mayor, Aldermen, and Councillors.

In the matter of local news, whilst necessarily avoiding long reports, we shall endeavour to be accurate and reliable, and to overlook nothing that is worthy the dignity of type.

Our motto is "The good of all", and the "Star" will do its best week by week to promote in every way the welfare of our whole population. The masses especially - the toiling and often suffering multitude - shall have the full sympathies of the "Star", and we earnestly hope that its shining in many a humble cot may prove a blessing and a means of good.

One word to advertisers. No other local paper will be so good a channel for public announcements as the "Star". We will not dwell upon this, but merely mention the fact.

The "Star" will not have a bogus circulation, it will be bought by the thousand every week. To-day for our first issue, we print 3,000 copies, and we trust we shall never have to alter the quantity except to increase it.

We are quite aware that in West Cumberland new newspapers generally have short lives, but we have faith in the "Star", and do not think we are overshooting the mark in saying that IT HAS COME TO STAY. Anyhow, we shall do our level best, and whilst we are ambitious to have a big circulation, we have independence enough to say to the people of Workington ----

If the "Star" is not worth what we charge for it, don't buy it.


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