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Saturday 08 Jun 1844   (p. 3, col. 6-7)



At the Bucks Head Hotel, Glasgow, on the 18th ult., Mrs. MACDONALD, of a son.



At St Mary's Church, on the 1st inst., Mr. William PATTERSON, of this parish, to Miss Elizabeth MITCHELL, of Atterburn, Northumberland; on the 5th, Mr. Thomas SEWELL, saddler, Scotch Street, to Miss Jane WRIGHT, of Abbey Street; on the 6th, Mr. George HIND, of Warwick Bridge, to Miss Mary BEATTIE, of Crosby Street.

At Kirklinton Church, on the 2nd instant, by the Rev. George BELL, Mr. Richard CARRUTHERS, of Scaleby, blacksmith, to Margaret, third daughter of Mr. Joseph TURNBULL, of East Clift, Kirklinton.

At Wigton, on the 4th inst., Mr. William HARDING, hatter, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. David GRAHAM, blacksmith, both of Wigton; on the 5th, Mr. Thomas MILLER, draper, to Miss Ann FERGUSON, of Plumbland.

At Penfith [sic], on the 4th instant, Mr. Richard Hodgson DODD, of Newbiggen, Westmoreland, to Miss Elizabeth WATSON.

At Cockermouth, on the 2nd inst., Mr. William CULLEN, innkeeper, to Miss Mary STODDART.

At Lamplugh, on the 1st inst., Mr. Joseph WOOD, of Kirkland How, in Arlecdon, to Miss Ann JACKSON, of Woodend, in Lamplugh.

At Egremont, on the 3rd instant, Mr. John BAILIFF, to Miss Catherine CLARK; on the 1st, Mr. William BENN, to Miss Ann SPEDDING, both of that parish.

At Alston, on the 6th inst., Mr. Isaac WAILS, of Galligill, to Miss Margaret GLENDINNING, of Nentsbury.

At St. Bees, on the 26th ult., Mr. H. PATTINSON, shoemaker, son of Mr. PATTINSON, of Hensingham, to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. ROBINSON, of Ginns.

At Whitehaven, on the 1st inst., Capt. BRANTHWAITE, of the barque Fortfield, of that port, to Miss Ann MARSHALL, daughter of the late Mr. Robert MARSHALL, of Green Bank; Mr. Wm. MADDREAL, to Miss Eleanor ATKINSON.

At Bowness Church, Windermere, on the 1st inst., Mr. Matthew BOURBANK, bobbin turner, to Miss Margaret GRAVES.

At Bongate, Appleby, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. T. BELLAS, A.M., Mr. Thomas DOWTHWAITE, miner, to Miss Ann THOMPSON, both of Murton; on the 4th, Mr. George BELLAS, to Miss Elizabeth ELLISON, both of Murton.

At Appleby, on the 3rd inst., by the Rev. J. MILNER, M.A., Mr. George WHARTON, cabinet maker, to Miss Jane WILLIAMSON, both of Appleby.

At St. Andrew's Church, Newcastle, on the 26th ult., Thomas Cram GIBSON, Esq., of Whalton, to Ellen, third daughter of the late George ROBSON, Esq , of Fawdon House.

At St. George's, Bloomsbury, by the Hon. and Rev. Edward PELLEW, A.M., Charles James Fox BUNBURY, Esq., eldest son of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Edward BUNBURY, of Barton Hall, in the county of Suffolk, Bart., K.C.B., to Frances Joanna, daughter of Leonard HORNER, Esq., of Bedford-place.




In Scotch Street, on the 2nd inst., Mr. James CREIGHTON, aged 69 years.

In Langcake's Lane, Scotch Street, on the 4th instant, Mrs. Eleanor ASHBRIDGE, aged 69 years.

In Rickergate, on the 6th instant, Peter, youngest son of Mr. John TEASDALE, barber, aged 14 years.

In the Infirmary, Carlisle, on Wednesday, the 28th of May, after a short and severe illness, borne with Christian fortitude and patient resignation to the will of God, the Rev. Hugh ELLIOT, aged 45 years, the much respected vicar of Castlesowerby, in Cumberland. Mr. ELLIOT has left an afflicted wife and six small children to lament his early removal out of this sinful world. The time of our continuance here is but short, very short. We are travelling to a better country—even a heavenly one. Though clouds and darkness at present surround us, this shall not always be the case. A few more days, and months, and years, and our earthly course will be ended—the aching pains which torture the body shall be felt no more. Amidst all the cares of woe with which this life abounds, the believer still keeps his eye fixed on that crown of glory which is reserved for him hereafter.—Correspondent.

At Rockliff, on the 1st inst., Mrs. Mary NIXON, wife of Mr. Thos. NIXON, officer in the Customs, aged 64; same place, lately, Mrs. Elizabeth CARTNER, wife of Mr. John CARTNER, innkeeper, aged 81 years.

At Great Corby, on the 26th ult., Mr. John CAPSTICKS, aged 70 years.

At Low Hesket, on the 2nd instant, after a lingering illness, borne with christian patience and resignation, Jane, only daughter of Mr. Robert HODGSON, in the 18th year of her age.

At Brampton, on Tuesday last, Mr. Joshua PARKER, aged 56,—much respected.

At Caldbeck, on the 25th May, Mrs. Ethew WATSON, aged 62, relict of the late Mr. Thomas WATSON, innkeeper, after a long and severe illness, which she bore with a truly Christian fortitude and resignation, and her loss will be long and deeply deplored by her relatives and numerous acquaintances in the neighbourhood where she had long resided.

At Wigton, on Thursday, the 30th May, after a long illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, Mr. John ROPER, aged 17 years, spirit merchant and grocer with the late Mr. BUSHBY, greatly respected by all who knew him.

In the Royal Horse Guards, Knightsbridge, London, on the 18th May, John, second son of Mr. John WILSON, yeoman, Fort Putman [sic – should be Putnam], Greystoke, in this county—highly esteemed by a numerous circle of friends.

At Penrith, on the 31st ult., Mr. John ROBINSON, weaver, aged 50 years; on the 2nd instant, Ann, infant daughter of Mr. Wm. KIRKBRIDE, druggist; same day, Nanny, wife of Mr. John CALVERT, farmer, aged 57 years.

In the Union Workhouse, at Cockermouth, on the 31st ult., John STAMPER aged 58 years. The deceased was a man of unsound mind, and one of the most eccentric characters in the Borough: he regularly attended divine service in the church, not only on Sundays, but on all occasions when duty was performed during the week, and was invariably present at all funerals. His remains were interred on Sunday, at two o'clock in the afternoon, and a more numerous or more respectable funeral has seldom been witnessed in Cockermouth. Amongst many other marks of respect paid to the remains of this well-known and harmless individual, the bells were muffled and rang a mourning peal.—Mr. SLOAN presided at the organ, and the church singers were in attendance.

At Temple Sowerby, on the 5th inst., Jane, infant daughter of Mr. Thomas BLENKINSOP.

At Drybeck, near Appleby, on the 4th inst., Mr. William BEWSHER, aged 49 years.

At Milburn Grange, on the 28th ult., Ann, wife of Mr. John CHEESEBOROUGH, aged 60 years.

At Seaton, near Workington, on the 1st instant, Mr. Thomas HODGSON, aged 89 years. The deceased was in the employ of Mr. PEAT's family, of Salmon Hall, for four generations, a period of 55 years. The years of servitude of Mr. HODGSON and another servant who is still living, amount to 112 years—the one as farm servant, and the other employed in the fishery.

At Ennerdal Bridge, in child-bed, on the 31st ult., Mrs. PONSONBY, wife of Mr. Wm. PONSONBY, landlord of the Huntsman inn, in the prime of life.

At Nenthead, on the 3rd inst., Miss Hannah STEPHENSON, aged 24 years.

At Caulderton, near Egremont, lately, Catherine, wife of Mr. John HAILE, aged 44 years.

At Beck Green, Egremont, on the 27th ult., Mary, wife of Mr. William LITTLE, miner, aged 32 years.

At Cleator, on the 25th ult., Mrs. GAYTHWAITE, widow of the late Mr. Septimus GAYTHWAITE, aged 66 years.

At Bootle, on the 31st ult., William, son of Mr. TAYLOR, aged 18 months.

At Kiskin, near Bootle, on the 30th ult., Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. Thomas GAWITH, of Thornthwaite, in Woodland, aged 19 years.

At Hensingham, on the 2nd instant, in the prime of life, Mr. DARNLEY, a Custom-house officer belonging to Whitehaven.

At Whitehaven, since our last, Esther, wife of Mr. Thomas FRANKS, carpenter, aged 54 years; Mr. John DAWSON, aged 64; Miss Ruth HARTLEY, aged 77; Mr. Thomas HEARD, saddler, aged 42; Mrs. Ann RENNIE, widow, late of Egremont, aged 79.

At Kendal, on Monday the 3rd instant, Mr. J. B. HEWITSON, proprietor of the Kendal Mercury.

At London, on the 30th ult., after a short but severe illness, Mr. William LOONEY, currier, formerly of Whitehaven, in the 32nd year of his age.

At his residence, in Ulverston, on the 27th ult., in consequence of an accident about a fortnight previous, Mr. John ROPER, chemist and druggist, aged 44 years.

In Kendal, since our last, Mr. John BATEMAN, miller, aged 23 years; William DIXON, black and white smith, aged 37; Esther, wife of Mr. George RUSHFORTH, aged 58.

At Appleby, on the 2nd instant, Mr. Jos. TAYLOR, printer, aged 20 years. 

At his residence in Berkeley Square, London, on Wednesday last, Thomas THORNHILL, Esq. This gentleman possessed large estates in Yorkshire, as well as in the county of Norfolk, but had not for many years resided at his Yorkshire seat (Fixby Hall, near Huddersfield).