Saturday 03 Feb 1844   (p. 3, col. 6-7)



At the Office of Mr. James MOUNSEY, Superintendant Registrar, on Saturday, the 27th ult., Mr. Robert EARL, of Newby Cross, to Miss Ellen BELL, of Newby.

On the 28th ult., at St. Mary's Church, Mr. George M'CULLY, to Miss Sarah BEEVERS.

At Wetheral, on the 20th ult., Mr. John GRAHAM, joiner, of Wheelbarrowhall, to Miss Agnes THOMPSON, dressmaker, Scotby.

At Hayton, on the 30th ult., by the Rev. George TOPPIN, Mr. Thomas MAUGHAN, of Lanercost Abbey, to Jane, youngest daughter of Isaac BROWN, Esq., Greenholme.

At Wigton, on the 25th ult., Mr. Richard WHITTAKER, to Miss Margaret JORDAN; on the 28th, Mr. John COCKTON, shoemaker, Miss Sarah HEWITSON; on the 1st inst., Mr. William MANDWELL, yeoman, Lesson Hall, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. John STAMPER, of Waverton.

At Abbey, on Sunday last, by the Rev. J. SIMPSON, Mr. John ROOPER, Seaville, to Mrs. Margaret DOUGHTY, widow, dressmaker, Caloo.

At Penrith, on the 27th ult., Mr. Charles PEACOCK, moulder, to Miss Phillis SCOTT.

At Crosscanonby, on the 30th ult., Captain Robert GLAISTER, of the Terry, to Miss Elizabeth HARKNESS, both of Maryport.

On the 16th ult., at Lymm, William A. UNWIN, only son of John UNWIN, Esq., of the Island of Madeira, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the Rev. S. BLYTH, of Whitehaven.

At Workington, on Wednesday last, by the Rev. J. HETHERINGTON, A.M., Mr. W. DOUGLAS, mariner, to Miss Sarah ALLON.

At Wordsley, three weddings took place from one house, two daughters and one son of Mr. Benjamin WEBB, of the Dock, being the happy parties. Mr. William Pigott WEBB, to Miss BROADHURST, late of Dudley; Mr. LAY, grocer, uncle to Miss BROADHURST, to Miss Elizabeth WEBB; and Mr. Nicholas HANCOX, to Miss WEBB.

At Kendal, since our last, by the Rev. J. MUCKALT, Mr. Isaac PARRINGTON, of Ings, to Miss S. WILSON, of Skelsmergh.

On Saturday, at Bowness Church, Windermere, Mr. Wm. KITCHEN, of Patterdale, to Miss Jane FELL, of Common, Applethwaite; same place and day, Mr. James BARROW, boat-builder, Bowness, to Miss Agnes NELSON, of Cow Brow.

MARRIAGE IN HIGH LIFE.—Lord Melgund, eldest son of Earl Minto, will, in February, lead to the altar Miss HISLOP, the beautiful daughter of Sir Thomas HISLOP.



In Gibbons's Court, Scotch Street, on Monday the 29th ult., Mr. John ROBINSON, in his 85th year, for upwards of fifty years a woollen manufacturer, grocer, and seedsman in Cockermouth,—much and deservedly respected.

On the 28th ult., in Court Square, Mr. Robert TURNER, innkeeper, aged 44 years.

In Union Street, on the 29th ult., Mary Ann PHAPE, aged 5 months.

At Blackwell, on the 28th ult., Robert James Charles RILEY, aged 9 months.

At the Willow Holme, on the 29th of January, Jane BALMARE [BALMER according to FreeBMD], aged 78 years.

At Crosby, on the 20th ult., Mr. William BOWER, late innkeeper, aged 81 years.

On the 27th ult., at Brampton, Thomas, only child of Mr. MOSES, draper, aged 8 months.

At Wigton, on the 28th ult., Mary, wife of Mr. Jas. SUTHERLAND, aged 24 years; on the 27th, Mrs. Dinah LAWSON, aged 54 years; on the same day, Ann, youngest daughter of Mr. John BUSHBY; at the Wigton Union Workhouse, on the 25th, Edward DILLON, aged 83 years.

At Landends, near Haydonbridge, on the 12th January, after a short but severe illness, Matthew LEE, Esq., in his 60th year,—much and deservedly regretted by a large circle of friends.

On Tuesday, January 16th, at Wiza Bottom, in the parish of Westward, Mr. George NIXON, in the 51st years of his age, much regretted.

At Parrs Wood, Didsbury, on the 26th of January, in the 85th year of her age, Lucy, relict of the late James HEALD, Esq., of Brinnington and Disley, in the county of Chester, and mother of Mrs. PARKER, of Warwick Hall, in this county. She was the last survivor of the early race of Wesleyan Methodists in Manchester and its neighbourhood, with many of whom she was personally connected, either by relationship or friendly acquaintance, and maintained an unblemished profession of the christian faith for nearly seventy years. She trained up a large family "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord," and lived to see a considerable posterity of childrens' children, to all of whom she has left an example of prudence, uprightness, and conscientiousness, eminently worthy of their imitation.

At Penrith, on the 27th ult., after a long and painful illness, borne with christian resignation, Ann, wife of the Rev. J. HUDSON, Wesleyan Minister, aged 41 years; on the 28th, Mrs. Elizabeth HETHERINGTON, widow, aged 81 years; on the 29th, Mr. William TELFORD, blacksmith, aged 39; on the 31st, Eliz., wife of John M'GARR, weaver, aged 40; same place, Mr. WATSON, late Officer of Excise, aged 72 years.

On the 29th ult., at Ninebanks, Northumberland, William LEE, Esq., aged 62 years.

At Liverpool, on the 23rd January, Robert, son of Mr. Isaac PARKER, aged 3 years and 9 months.

On the 24th ult., at Smalthwaite House, in the parish of Skelton, William JOHNSON, in the prime of life, much respected.

At Sandenhouse, Abbey Holme, on the 24th ult., Mary, the wife of Joseph BACKHOUSE, much lamented—her humane and benevolent disposition had rendered her truly endearing to all who knew her.

At his residence, Armboth House, St. John's, near Keswick, Wilson JACKSON, Esq., after a very short illness, in the 89th year of his age.

At Colby, near Appleby, since our last, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. William WARWICK, aged 30 years.

At his uncle's house, at Appleby, Isaac WINDER, eldest son of the late Thomas WINDER, of that place, aged 17 years, much respected.

At Broadway House, Hammersmith, near London on Saturday, the 13th ult., Christian, wife of W. H. GATLIFF, Esq., and sister to Mr. HAMILTON, wine merchant, of Whitehaven.

At Whitehaven, on Wednesday last, Mr. William GREENLAW, aged 74 years; on Saturday, John SARGENTSON, in the 6th year of his age; on Friday last, Mr. William SKINNER, jun., shipwright, aged 21; and on Saturday, Mary, widow of Mr. Jos. MURRAY, tailor, aged 66 years.

At Workington, on Monday week, Jane, wife of Mr. George BIRKETT, aged 66 years; on the 24th, Mrs. Sarah PIGGS, aged 49 years; and on the 25th, Mirehouse, son of Mr. John YOUNG, aged two years.

At Keswick, on Monday last, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. George STORY, chaise driver, aged 32 years; same day, at Mrs. Mary Mc.CADE's, lodging-house keeper, a travelling woman, name not known, apparently about 60 years of age, supposed to have formerly resided at Kirkoswald or Ulverston,—she died of an illness of not more than five hours' duration; and on Saturday last, awfully sudden, aged 38 years, Ann, the wife of Mr. John RIGG, wool-carder. She dropped down at her own door and expired immediately.

On the 26th inst., at Bowstead Gate, near Ulverston, Mrs. SATTERTHWAITE, at an advanced age.

On Sunday, the 21st ult., at the Oaks, Millom, in this county, Miss HODGSON, aged 86.

At Reston Hall, near Kendal, on the 22nd ult., Richard Henry, youngest son of Mr. R. W. LUMB, in his 14th year.

On Friday last, at his residence, Burton, Westmoreland, W. W. ATKINSON, Esq., one of Her Majesty's justices of the peace for the counties of Lancaster and Westmoreland, in his 63rd year.

Major-General WAUTIER died on the 14th ult., at Clermont, in the eighty-seventh year of his age. He served in all the campaigns of the Revolution and Empire; and was Colonel of the Eighty-fourth Regiment of the Line, which had inscribed on its colours, the glorious device, "Ten against one."

Lady CARR, widow of the unfortunate Right Hon. Spencer PERCIVAL, died on Saturday last, after a short illness. The deceased, lady, who was second daughter of Sir Thomas Spencer WILSON, Bart., married the 10th of August, 1790, the Right Hon. Spencer PERCIVAL, and in January, 1815, remarried Sir William CARR, K.C.B.