Saturday 05 Nov 1842   (p. 3, col. 6-7)



At Bolton Cottage, Westward, on the 27th ult., the Lady of Joseph BENN, Esq., of a son.



At Mary's Church, on the 1st instant, Mr. Thomas CHARLTON to Miss Mary RIDLEY; and on the 2nd, Mr. Richard JOHNSTON, to Miss Devinah BEATTIE.

At Gretna, on the 25th ult., Mr. George FLETCHER, Beck Bank, Embleton, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. BIRKET, yeoman, Threlkeld.

At Hesket, on the 3rd instant, by the Rev. W. HUDSON, Mr. Christopher GRAHAM, youngest son of Mr. John GRAHAM, of Melguards, to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. William SLACK, of Elerton Grange.

At Brampton, on the 2nd instant, Mr. George HOPE, New Mills, to Miss Elizabeth PALMER, Gelt Bridge.

At Bowness, on the 1st instant, by the Rev. John BROWN, William Christopher FORSTER, eldest son of the late William THOMPSON, Esq., of Richmond, to Maria, only daughter of the late George DONALD, Esq., of Solway House, in this county.

At Westward, lately, Mr. Joseph BLAIN, of Sandwath, to Miss Jane SKELTON, of Forrest Hall.

At Bromfield, on the 27th ult., by the Rev. T. MARTIN, Joseph A. only son of H. CLARK, Esq., of Aspatria, to Esther, youngest daughter of Mr. CLARK, of Low Row.

At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. James ELLIOT, of Sandall, near Wakefield, to Mrs. LANDERS, of the former place.

At Langholm, on the 30th ult., by the Rev. W. B. SHAW, Mr. John DALGLIESH, to Miss Margaret DAVIDSON.

At Moffat, on the 1st instant, by the Rev. Alexander JOHNSTONE, Mr. John BLACKSTOCK, Annan, to Miss Mary JOHNSTONE, Moffat.

At Whitehaven, Mr. Joseph BENN, accountant, to Miss Elizabeth Wood SMITH.

At Cockermouth, on Sunday last, Mr. Robert PATTINSON, husbandman, to Mrs. Margaret KENNEDY.

At Crosscannoby, on the 27th ult., Mr. Thomas GLAISTER, clerk at the harbour office, at Maryport, to Miss Sarah BEATTIE, of the same place.

At Bridekirk, on the 29th ult., Mr. Henry SUMPTON, of Arlecdon, yeoman, to Miss Eleanor JAMES, of Bridekirk.

At Bolton, in Lancashire, on the 25th ult., Mr. Matthew TAYLOR, boot and shoemaker, to Miss Eleanor BYRNE, formerly of Whitehaven.

At Liverpool, on the 23rd ult., Mr. Joseph JACKSON, joiner, late of Brigham, near Cockermouth, to Miss Elizabeth HOPE, of Ravenglass.



In Rickergate, on the 30th ult., Mr. John PEAT, aged 55 years.

In John Street, on the 30th ult., Mrs. Mary LOWES, aged 61 years.

In Caldewgate, on the 2nd instant, Mrs. Mary BATY, aged 78 years.

At Stainton, on the 25th ult., Hannah, wife of Vincent CHALONER Esq., Liverpool, and daughter of the late John NICHOLSON, Esq., Penrith, aged 26 years.

At Uppertown, Kirklinton, on the 30th ult., Mr. Robert ATKINSON, in his 92nd year.

At Green Row, on Friday the 28th ult., at an advanced age, Mr. Joseph SAUL. He had been, for nearly half a century, the conductor and proprietor of the Green Row Academy, and few men have passed through a long life, in a situation so onerous, with so much respect. He was a man of great and varied acquirements, and the influence which his talents and public spirit acquired for him, not merely in the district where he was best known, but throughout the County, when he mixed in public affairs, was probably greater than was ever possessed by any other private individual. In politics he was a man of large and liberal views, and took an active part in all public affairs calculated to advance or uphold the independence of the County. As a farmer he most materially aided in promoting those improvements in agriculture which have raised this County so high for its excellent cultivation—though greatly, we fear, to his own private disadvantage. In every relation of private life he was a pattern to all around him, and had secured the friendship and respect of the most respected men in this County. His precise age we have not been able to ascertain, owing to some accident in the delivery of our letters from that neighbourhood, but we believe he had nearly reached the patriarchal age of 80, having retained all his faculties unimpaired almost to the last. His loss will be long and deeply deplored throughout the district of the Abbey Holme.

At Wigton, on the 25th ult., Mrs. MATTHEWS, late schoolmistress, aged 77 years.

At Wigton, on the 29th ult., Mr. DIXON, shoemaker, aged 76 years; on the same day, Mrs. Mary SIM, aged 75 years.

At Aspatria, on the 24th ult., Mr. Edward MESSENGER, aged 83 years; same day and place, Mr. Jos. BOUCH, stonemason, aged 56; same place, on the 30th ult., Mr. David SEMPLE, advanced in years.

At Parsonby, parish of Plumbland, on the 25th ult., Mrs. Margaret YOUNG, formerly of Gilcrux, aged 76.

At Hayton, parish of Aspatria, on the 26th ult., Mrs. WILLIS, leaving behind her six young and helpless children.

At Penrith, on the 29th ult., Miss Jane STEPHENSON, aged 30 years.

At Whitehaven, on Wednesday, the 26th ult., John SCOTT, Esq., in the 56th year of his age, officer in her Majesty's excise.

At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. Thomas CARLISLE, aged 30 [or 50?] years.

At Harrington, on Tuesday last, Mr. Thomas JOHNSTON, aged 86, many years master of the ferry-boat, Workington.

At Egremont, on Saturday last, Eleanor, the wife of Mr. Thomas HEBSON, aged 44 years.

At Maryport, on the 26th ult., Mr. Joseph TINION, grocer, aged 37; same place, on the 24th ult., Mr. Thomas KNIPE, aged 59 years.

At Cockermouth, on Friday last, Mrs. Hannah M'MURRAY, aged 78 years.

At the Union Workhouse, Cockermouth, John FERGUSON, weaver, formerly of Broughton, aged 70 years.

At Birkenhead, on the 26th ult., in the 17th year of his age, Thomas, youngest son of Mr. DENT, many years a woollen manufacturer in Keswick, but now a Collector at Woodside-ferry, Birkenhead, Chesire.

At Woodhouse, in Millom, lately, Mrs. Eleanor HUNTER, relict of the late Mr. Wm. HUNTER, of Parkhead, in the same parish, in the 91st year of her age.

At London, on Tuesday morning, in the 82nd year of his age, the Rev. Solomon HERSCHELL, 40 years chief rabbi, and during that long period beloved and respected by all classes of persons, without reference to religious opinion.

At London, on the 23rd ult., Professor GESSENIUS, in the 57th year of his age.

At London, on Wednesday morning, Mr. Sergeant SPANKIE, after a short and severe illness.

At London, on Saturday last, Allan CUNNINGHAM, the celebrated sculptor and poet.

The Hon. Berkeley PAGET, one of the Commissioners of Excise, on Wednesday week, at Hampton Court, in his 62nd year.

In the Chinese empire, Lord Edward Pelham CLINTON, fifth son of his Grace the Duke of Newcastle. His Lordship was born on the 18th of February, 1816; went out to that part of the world about a year ago, and was recently promoted to a lieutenancy.