Saturday 18 Jun 1842   (p. 3, col. 6)



At Kingmoor House, on Tuesday last, the wife of Mr. John LAW, of a son.



At St. Cuthbert's, on Wednesday, the 15th inst., by the Rev. Hugh WHITE, curate of St. Mary's Dublin, Lieut. Henry T. WHITE, R.N., of Etterby Lodge, Stanwix, to Matilda, youngest daughter of the late Thos. JAMESON, Esq., of Dublin.

At St. Cuthbert's, on the 11th inst., Mr. Thomas WAUGH, miller, to Miss Ann TWEDDLE, both of Harraby Mill.

At Rockliffe, on Wednesday, 8th inst., by the Rev. George TOPPING, Mr. John STEEL, of Lyne Howe, to Miss Isabella EDGAR, of Rockliffe.

At Orton, on Saturday last, Mr. James BIRKETT, of Intack, in the parish of Caldbeck, to Miss Dorothy TWENTYMAN, of Orton Rigg.

At Uldale Church, on Saturday sen'night, by the Rev. J. CLARK, Mr. Robert SCOONE, husbandman, Uldale Hall, to Miss Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. E. CARTER, Uldale.

At Bridge End, Annan, on Monday, the 5th inst., by the Rev. James MONELAWS, William ORR, Esq., calenderer, Glasgow, to Jane, only daughter of James Mc.LEAN, Esq., merchant, Annan.

At Nethertown, near Dumfries, on the 6th instant, K. WOOD Esq., shipbuilder, Maryport, to Margaret, only daughter of A. SMITH, Esq., of Nethertown.

At Carronhill, Morton, on the 1st instant, Mr. John M'CAA, seedsman, Sunderland, to Miss Esther YOUNG, of Maryport.

At Workington, on the 12th inst., Mr. John JONES, chairmaker, to Miss Sarah CROSBY.

MARRIAGE IN HIGH LIFE.—The Marquis of Waterford was on Wednesday week married at Whitehall, Chapel, to the Hon. and accomplished Miss STUART, daughter of Lord STUART de Rothsay. The ceremony was performed by his Grace the Archbishop of Armagh, in the presence of a numerous host of friends and relations of both parties. The noble father of the bride gave his daughter away.



At Caldewgate Workhouse, on the 13th inst., Mr. Robert PEEL, aged 67.

In Citadel Row, on the 15th inst., Mrs. Mary GRAHAM, aged 62 years.

At Short Dale, in the parish of Stanwix, on Thursday last, Miss Jane GRAHAM, aged 38 years.

At Blackwell Hall, on the 18th ult., after a long and tedious illness, Joseph, son of Mr. John ARMSTRONG, aged 34 years.

At Blackwell Hall, on the 10th inst., (very suddenly) Ann wife of Mr. John ARMSTRONG, aged 76 years, much and deservedly lamented.

At Blackwell, on Sunday last, John, son of Mr. John HASTING, dyer, aged 13 years.

At Aglionby, on Sunday last, after a short illness, Mr. Thomas JACKSON, yeoman, aged 67 years, much aud deservedly respected by all who knew him.

At Little Bampton, on the 9th instant, Mr. Robert POTTS, aged 94 years.

At Blencogo, in the parish of Bromfield on Monday last, Mr. Robert GATE, farmer, in the 92nd year of his age, after having been confined to his bed 18 months. He will long be remembered by a large circle of friends and relations for his sobriety and assiduity towards his family.

At Low-Northsceugh, in the parish of Cumwhitton, on Wednesday week, Mrs. Leach, aged 50, much respected.

At Low Ireby, on Sunday last, after a short but acute illness, Mrs. Mary, the wife of Mr. Samuel LOWES, innkeeper, aged 33 years.

At Isel Hall, on Tuesday last, Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of the late Thos. WYBERGH, Esq.

At Longtown, on Wednesday, the 8th inst., Thomas, the infant son of Mr. Thomas MITCHELL HILL, painter.

At Low House, near Hesket in the Forest, on the 16th inst., Thomas, third son, of Mr. William GILL, aged 16 years.

At Wigton, on the 12th of May, Ann, youngest daughter of Mr. ROBSON, brewer, aged 16 months.

At Greaves, in the Township of Watermillock, on the 18th ult., Mr. John MOUNSEY, aged 71 years, much respected.

At Great Crosthwaite, near Keswick, on Wednesday week, Mrs. FLEMING, wife of Mr. John FLEMING, late of Birkett Wood, near that place, at an advanced age.

At Cockermouth, on Thursday week, Jane, the wife of Robert THURSBY, weaver, aged 47 years; and on Sunday, Mrs. Sarah MAWSON, teacher of the School of Industry, aged 54 years.

At Whitehaven, Mrs. Susannah EVANS, aged 70 years.

At Galemire, near Whitehaven, Mr. J. SPARK, husbandman, aged 73 years.

At Appleby, on Sunday the 5th inst., Mrs. PERKINS, relict of the late Mr. PERKINS, aged 76, after a long and painful illness which she bore with christian fortitude and resignation;—much and deservedly respected by a numerous circle of friends and relations by whom her death will be deeply deplored.

At Bank End, near Appleby, on the 15th inst., Mrs. SAYER, aged 58, much respected.

At Hackthorpe, Westmorland, on Thursday week, Mrs. HUTCHINSON, widow of the late Mr. John HUTCHINSON, watchmaker, Appleby, aged 51 years.

Admiral WOLSELEY, the senior flag officer in the service but two, died in Duke-street, Manchester-square, on Tuesday week, aged 86. He commanded the Leostoffe at the reduction of Corsica in 1794, and the Terrible, in the expedition to Quiberon in 1798, which composed all his war services.

DEATH OF THE EARL OF ERNE.—His Lordship expired at his residence in the neighbourhood of London on the afternoon of Friday, and is succeeded in his title and estates by Colonel CRICHTON, of Crum Castle, in the county of Fermanagh, Lord-Lieutenant of that county, and one of the best and most improving resident Landlords in Ireland. The family is descended from a branch of the CRICHTONs, Viscounts Erendraught [sic – should be Frendraught], in North Britain, which title ceased with Lewis the fifth Viscount about the year 1690.