Saturday 26 Mar 1842   (p. 3, col. 6-7)



At the Presbyterian Chapel, Fisher Street, on Thursday, the 24th instant, by the Rev. Richard HUNTER, Mr. James CLELAND, Tynemouth, to Miss Mary MATTINSON, of Rickergate.

At the Scotch Church, Chapel Street, on Saturday week, by the Rev. John PARK, Mr. John GRAHAM, to Miss Mary THOMPSON.

At Templesowerby, on the 19th instant, Mr. Henry BAXTER, of Penrith, to Miss Margaret LOWTHIAN, daughter of Mr. A. LOWTHIAN, of Templesowerby.

At Cockermouth, on Sunday, the 20th instant, by the Rev. E. ELLIOT, Mr. James NOBLE, of Greystoke, to Miss HETHERINGTON, of the former place; at the same place, on Monday, the 21st instant, Mr. Joseph WATSON, to Miss Jane LINTON.

At Whitehaven, at St. James's Chapel, by the Rev. John JENKINS, Mr. John DRAKE, mariner, to Miss Margaret BRAGG, of Hail.

At Workington, on the 17th instant, at St. James's Chapel, by the Rev W. JACKSON, B.A., Mr. William BRUCE, of Liverpool, to Ann, only daughter of Mr. Jonathan FISHER, formerly master of the workhouse at Workington.

At Ulverston parish church, on the 14th inst., Mr. T. CARTER, slater, to Miss Margaret ROBINSON, both of Moorhouse, near Ulverston.

At Millom, on Saturday, the 19th instant, Mr. Thomas ATKINSON, of Beck, in Millom, to Miss WATSON, daughter of Mr. William WATSON, of Arnaby, near Rally Green, in the above-named parish.

At Kelso, William, eldest son of the Right Honourable William MATTERSON, Lord Mayor of York, to Ellen Stormont, youngest daughter of the late James DARLING, Esq., banker, Kelso.


In English Street, on Wednesday last, aged ten years, Charles Anderson, second son of Mr. ORRIDGE.

Since our last, in the Three Crowns Lane, English Street, Miss Jane KIRKPATRICK, aged 18 years.

In the Drover's Lane, on the 19th instant, Mr. George PORTHOUSE, aged 60 years.

In St. Mary's Workhouse, on the 20th instant, John TYSON, aged 44 years.

In the House of Recovery, on the 23rd instant, Mr. Isaac WARD, a stranger, supposed to belong to Lancashire, aged 60 years.

At Newtown, near Carlisle, on Sunday last, Mr. William HETHERINGTON, in the 69th year of his age. For upwards of seven years Mr. HETHERINGTON resided in the Infirmary, having the charge of the building previous to its being opened. He was highly and deservedly esteemed.

At the Caldewgate Workhouse, on Wednesday last, very suddenly, Mrs. NIXSON, wife of Mr. NIXSON, master of the Workhouse. The deceased had been in town during the forenoon and died almost immediately on her return home.

At Stanwix, on Sunday last, Mary Jane, infant daughter of Mr. Joseph PEARSON.

At Wood Cottage, Hornsey, London, on the 19th instant, Mr. Edward GIBBON, in the 87th year of his age, formerly a citzen of Carlisle.

At Ann's Hill, near this city, on the 17th inst., Mr. John IRWIN, late of London, aged 32 years, much respected.

At Bolton, in Lancashire, on Monday, the 20th instant, Mr. John DIXON, aged 59 years, formerly of Stanwix Parish, near this City.

At Burgh-on-Sands, on Tuesday last, Dr. James HEWITT, aged 46 years, son of the late Mr. James HEWITT, of Cringle Dyke, in this county.

At Woodhouses, in the Parish of Orton, on the 21st instant, in the 86th year of his age, Mr. William KNIGHT, deeply lamented and most deservedly respected througrh life.

At Ivegill, on the 19th ult., Frances, widow of the late Mr. Joseph MONKHOUSE, of Middlesceugh Hall, aged 46 years—much respected.

At Coat House, on the 22nd instant, aged 28 years, Abigail, the only daughter of Mr. Edward BREWIS.

At Martindale, in the Parish of Barton, on the 10th instant, Richard, son of Mr. John MOUNSEY, aged one year and nine months; at the same place, on the 11th inst., Mrs. Catherine HARRINGTON, formerly of Bowness, aged 85 years—much respected.

At Kingston, Jamaica, in the 17th year of his age, William Clarence NELSON, second son of Mr. Henry NELSON, late of London, and formerly of Whale, near Lowther.

At Longwathby, since our last, Mrs. CARLETON, widow, advanced in life.

At Penrith, on Tuesday, the 15th instant, Mr. Robert HILL, watch-maker, aged 66 years; at the same place, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. John AIKETT, aged nine years; also, at the same place, on Thursday, the 17th instant, Alfred, son of Mr. James SCOTT, plumber, aged 11 months; at the same place, on the 18th inst., Sarah HODGSON, aged 37 years; at the same place, on the 20th inst., Mrs. Hannah ANDERSON, aged 73 years; at the same place, on the 24th instant, Mr. Thomas THOMPSON, druggist.

At Cockermouth, on Thursday, the 17th instant, Robert, youngest son of Mr. Joseph MARTIN, grocer, aged 11 years; at the same place, on Saturday, the 19th instant, Mrs. Hannah WILSON, aged 49 years; also, at the same place, on Tuesday, the 22nd instant, Mr. John DONLEY, aged 82 years.

At Port Rush, Ireland, on the 5th of October last, drowned by the upsetting of a boat in a storm, when leaving the shore to go aboard of his ship, James, Captain DIXON, of Maryport, Mr. Charles HODGSON, aged 38 years; he was the youngest son of Mrs. Catherine HODGSON, Innkeeper, Bothel. The deceased bore the character of a good seaman, and was much respected by his Captain and the crew.

At Maryport, on the 18th instant, at the house of her mother, Hannah, wife of Mr. William GRAY, of Glasgow, and only daughter of Mrs. OSTLE, of Maryport, aged 26 years.

At Gill House, in tbe parish of Gosforth, on Monday, the 14th instant, after a protracted illness, Sarah, eldest daughter of Mrs. Nancy STEELE, aged 20 years.

At West Lees, near Workington, Mrs. Mary HAYTON, aged 29 years.

At Workington, since our last, John, son of Mr. John REETH, aged 18 months.

At Calder, near Calderbridge, on Thursday week, Mr. John WILSON, aged 81 years.

At Egremont, on Wednesday week, after a long illness, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Harrison STEELE, shoemaker, in the 29th year of her age.

At Whitehaven, on Sunday, the 20th instant, Mrs. Dinah THOMPSON, widow, aged 72 years; at the same place, on Tuesday, the 15th instant, Janet, the wife of Mr. William BROWN, dyer; at the same place, on Monday, the 21st instant, Mr. George GLAISTER, cabinet maker, aged 25 years; at the same place, on Saturday, the 19th instant, James, youngest son of Mr. John PATTEN, aged 14 months; also, at the same place, on Monday, the 14th instant, Mrs. H. WALKER, widow, aged 57 years.

At Langholm, on the 12th instant, Helen, only daughter of Mr. Matthew SCOON, innkeeper, aged eight years; at the same place, on the 16th instant, Mr. John LINTON, in the 66th year of his age.

At Kendal, on Saturday, the 12th instant, aged 81 years, Ann Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late John Fell SWAINSON, Esq.; at the same place, on Tuesday, the 15th inst., aged 33 years, James, youngest son of the late Mr. SINKINSON, wine merchant.

At Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, on the 14th instant, suddenly, Archdeacon SINGLETON.

At Erle Cottage, Bow, London, on the 21st inst., aged 33 years, William D. ANDERSON, Esq., civil engineer, and lately river engineer under the corporation of Newcastle; a situation from which he retired on account of his declining health.

DEATH OF THE EARL OF MACCLESFIELD.—It becomes our duty to announce the demise of the above venerable nobleman, who expired on Sunday evening, at his own residence in Conduit-street. The Earl had for some months past been confined to his bed. The deceased, George PARKER, was Earl of Macclesfield, county Chester, Vicount PARKER of Ewelme, county Oxford, and Baron PARKER of Macclesfield in the peerage of Great Britain, and eldest son of Thomas, third Earl of Macclesfield, by Mary, eldest daughter of the late Sir William HEATHCOTE, Bart. He was born the 24th February, 1755, and had consequently attained the great age of 87 years. The deceased, who succeeded to the title, 9th Feb., 1795, married 25th May, 1780, Mary Frances, second daughter and co-heir of the late Rev. Thomas DRAKE, D.D., and by her ladyship, who died in 1823, the noble Earl had issue, Lady Maria, born 23rd January, 1781 (the Countess of Haddington,) and the Hon. George, who died when an infant. The late Earl, in 1790, represented Minehead in the House of Commons. He is succeeded in the family honours and estates by his only brother the Hon. Thomas PARKER.

At Peartree House, near Southampton, on the 13th instant, Lieutenant-General Henry SHRAPNEL: he was distinguished chiefly by his invention of case shot, well known to military men as a most destructive engine of war, and capable of annihilating a whole regiment at once, called after him "Shrapnell Shells." The discovery was considered of such importance, that on its adoption by the service he received a pension of £1,200 per annum, in addition to the pay of the respective ranks in the army he subsequently held. He retired from active service as a general officer on the 29th July, 1825.

At Salzburg, on the 8th instant, in the 85th year of her age, the widow of MOZART.

Mr. CHERUBINI, the celebrated composer, who presided over the Consevatorie de Musuque [sic] ever since its foundation, during the Republic, until 1840, died in Paris on Tuesday week.

A few days since, at Glintawn, county of Waterford, Mr. Richard DOYLE, at the great age of 107. He retained his mental faculties unimpaired to the last. He was the oldest amongst the numerous tenantry of the Marquis of Waterford.