Saturday 19 Mar 1842   (p. 3, col. 6-7)



At Petteril Green, on Tuesday, the 15th instant, the Lady of Robert H. PARKER, Esq., of a son.



At Saint Cuthbert's Church, on the 12th inst, Mr. Robert GREEN, to Miss Jane HILL, both of Botchergate; at the same Church, on the 15th inst., Mr. John STRONG, English Brow, to Miss Mary NICHOLSON, of Botchergate.

At Thursby, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. J. W. HUNTLEY, Mr. Richard [Richard JOHNSTON according to IGI, JOHNSON according to FreeBMD], of Micklethwaite, to Miss Sarah HEWITSON, of the same place.

At Cockermouth, by the Rev. E. ELLIOT, on Thursday, the 10th instant, Mr. Isaac MANDALE, Kelswick, Wythop, to Mrs. JACKSON, Wheat-sheaf Inn, Cockermouth.

At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, Mr. Wm. CARTMELL, shoe-maker, Keswick, to Miss Dinah PORTER, of Skiddaw Lodge, near Keswick.

At Crosscanonby, on the 8th instant, Mr. J. WILSON, to Miss Isabella WILSON, both of Maryport.

At Harrington, on Thursday, the 18th instant, Mr. James M'CLEAN, to Miss Mary CHAMBERS.

At Whitehaven, on the 8th instant, Mr. Thomas LEDGER, to Miss TODHUNTER, milliner; at the same place, an Friday, the 11th instant, Mr. Thomas NELSON, mariner to Miss Eleanor CROSS.

At Alston, on the 17th instant, Mr. John WALTON, of Millhouse, to Miss Hannah NIXON, of Leadgate; at the same place, Mr. Thomas KINDRED, of Bails, to Miss Elizabeth GREEN, of Nenthead.



In Rickergate, on the 16th inst., Mr. Charles GRAHAM, tailor, aged 83 years.

In Sowerby's Lane, Botchergate, since our last, Mr. David BAXTER, formerly of Longtown, aged 73 years.

Suddenly, in Great Litchfield Street, London, Mrs. Mary RATTY, eldest daughter of Mr. John ATKINSON, formerly manufacturer in this city.

At Scotby, on the 12th instant, Sarah, relict of the late Mr. David WRIGHT, of Carleton—much and deservedly respected.

At Moffat, on the 9th instant, aged 26 years, Mr. John HETHERINGTON, son of Mr. Thomas HETHERINGTON, of Scotby, near this City. He was coachman for several years to Sir J. R. GRANT, of The Hill, and latterly with W. BROWN, Esq., of Tallentire Hall. He has left a wife and one child.

On the 12th instant, Francis, youngest son of Mr. John TAYLOR, Plumpton, aged 28 years.

On Thursday morning, the 11th instant, at his residence in Uldale, Mr. Thomas LITT, yeoman, aged seventy-five years. Deceased was a kind and obliging neighbour, a tender husband, and an affectionate parent. He has descended to the grave full of years, and deeply lamented by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances, by whom he was beloved and highly respected for his benign and amiable disposition, honesty, and strict integrity.

On Saturday, the 12th instant, at the Parsonage House, Heathery Cleugh, Stanhope, aged 30 years, deeply lamented, Elizabeth Mary, daughter of the Rev. George THOMPSON, Incumbent of that place.

At Cockermouth, on Friday, the 11th instant, Deborah YOUNGHUSBAND, aged 77 years; also, at the same place, on Tuesday, the 15th instant, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Benjamin PEILL, Waller, advanced in years.

At Harrington, on Thursday, the 10th instant, after a long illness, Miss Mary CURREY, in the 40th year of her age—much respected.

At Workington, since our last, Mr. George MOORE, sailmaker, aged 49 years. The deceased dropped down and died whilst attending a funeral at the parish church; at the same place, Mrs. Jane PAKE, aged 49 years; also, at the same place, on Wednesday, the 9th instant, Miss Catherine LONGCAKE, aged 41 years.

At Walls, near Ravenglass, Mr. Aaron BROWN, aged about 80 years.

At Maryport, on Sunday, the 13th instant, Miss Ann BELL, aged 23 years; at the same place, Mr. Benjamin IVORY, aged 76 years.

At Ellenborough, on the 5th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT, aged 75 years.

At Salt Coats, near Ravenglass, one Sunday, the 6th instant, after a long illness, born with great christian patience, Miss Sarah JACKSON, daughter of Mr. Jonathan JACKSON, in the 21st year of her age.

At the Vicarage, Whitworth, on Friday, the 4th inst., Mary, wife of the Rev. I. GAITSKELL, Incumbent of that place, in the prime of life.

At Whitehaven, on Tuesday, the 8th instant, Joseph, son of Mr. John TYSON, rope-maker, in the 2nd year of his age; at the same place, on Thursday, the 10th instant, Mary Ann, wife of Mr. Joseph HEWITT, aged 42 years; at the same place, since our last, Mrs. Ann M'MULLIN, widow; also, at the same place, since our last, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Henry LORD, in the 46th year of her age.

At the Globe Inn, Gosforth, on the morning of Tuesday, the 8th instant, Mr. Joseph BELL, in the 37th year of his age—much respected.

At Calder, in the parish of Ponsonby, on Wednesday, the 9th instant, Mr. John WILSON, at the advanced age of 81 years—much respected.

At Ings Cottage, near Threlkeld, on Tuesday, the 8th inst., Sarah, second daughter of Mr. Thomas GREENHOW, in the 20th year of her age.

At Milbeck, Underskiddaw, on Saturday, the 12th inst., Miss Elizabeth ADAMSON, aged 61 years.

At Langholm, on the 13th inst., Janet PAISLEY, relict of Mr. W. LITTLE, late post-master, aged 87 years; at the same place, on the 12th instant, Helen, only daughter of Mr. Matthew SCOON, innkeeper, aged eight years.

At Alston, on the 16th instant, Mr. Jonathan WOODMASS, jun., of the Greyhound Inn, aged 35 years.

At Knaresdale, near Alston, on Tuesday, the 15th inst., Mr. Jacob BELL, aged 84 years—much respected.

At Newcastle, on the 15th instant, Elizabeth Ann, second daughter ot Mr. WINDER, wine merchant, of that place, aged seven years.

At Edinburgh, on her journey from attending the funeral of her husband, Lady LEITH, widow of the late Major-General Sir G. LEITH, Bart.

The late Sir William Hay M'NAGHTEN, Baronet, was born in 1793. At an early age he went to India with his father, on his being appointed a judge of the Supreme Court at Madras. He entered the civil service of the East India Company when young, and the long residence in Bengal and other parts of our Indian dependencies fully qualified him for the highest agency. In 1839 he was appointed envoy and minister from the Indian Government to his Majesty Schah Soojah-ool-Moolk, and it was for his eminent service during the Affghan [sic] war in that year that he was created a baronet by her Majesty.—Standard.

SUDDEN DEATH OF MR. GEORGE CLARK, THE SCULPTOR.—The death of Mr. CLARK, who was eminent in his profession, took place at Birmingham, in a very sudden manner, on Saturday morning last. Mr. CLARK was in his 47th year. He has, we regret to say, left behind a family of nine children, who are now unprovided for. At the time of his death he was engaged in casting the leaves that were to form the foliage of the capital for the NELSON monument in Trafalgar-square, and had finished the two first. He is best known by his statue of Major CARTWRIGHT in Burton-crescent.

THE LATE MR. GRANT, OF MANCHESTER.—Died, on Monday, the 28th of February, at Springside, near Manchester, Mr. William GRANT, of the well-known firm of GRANT and Brothers, Manchester, at the advanced age of seventy-three years. The benevolence of this gentleman has been rendered interesting to the public by the pen of Mr. DICKENS, who has depicted him, in conjunction with his brother, under the character of the "Brothers Cheeryble." Mr. GRANT was a native of the north of Scotland, but, having settled in early life in Lancashire, he engaged with his brothers in the cotton trade, and, after a long course of successful industry, realised a very ample fortune. His death will be deeply regretted by the wide circle of his acquaintance, for, in the words of Mr. DICKENS, "The liberal charity of the brothers, their singleness of heart, their noble nature, and their unbounded benevolence, are no creation of the author's brain, but are prompting every day, and oftenest by stealth, some munificent and generous deed, in that town of which they are the pride and honour."

DEATH OF MR. KIRKMAN FINLAY.—We deeply regret to announce that Mr. Kirkman FINLAY, of Castle Toward, expired on Friday morning week, at his residence, Argyleshire. Mr. FINLAY was a native of Glasgow, and long looked up to in this city as one of her first merchants. His knowledge of business was profound, and his stirling good sense, enlightened views, and general accomplishments, secured him a seat in Parliament for this city and the other burghs. At the time this honour was conferred, viz., in 1812, Mr. FINLAY was Lord Provost. The deceased was in the 70th year of his age.—Glasgow Constitutional.

DEATH OF THE GRAND DUKE OF MECKLENBURGH SCHWERIN.—His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Mecklenburgh, after an illness of several days, died on the 7th instant, in the 42nd year of his age. He is succeeded by his son Frederick Francis, born Feb. 28, 1823.