Saturday 05 Mar 1842   (p. 3, col. 6-7)



On Wednesday, the 23rd ult., at the Close, Norwich, the Lady of the Rev. A. Bath POWER, late of Keswick, of a son.



At St. Mary's, on the 28th ult., Mr. Robert YOUNGER, to Miss Elizabeth KENT.

At the Parish Church, Kendal, on Sunday last, by the Rev. J. HUDSON, A.M., vicar, Mr. Thomas PARKINS, fish hook maker, formerly of this city, to Miss Sarah SMITH, dress-maker, youngest daughter of Mr. Richard SMITH, gardener, of Kendal.

At Wigton, on the 22nd ult., Mr. William CASSON, draper, Whitehaven, to Miss Mary P. LAWSON, daughter of Mr. Richard LAWSON, of Rogersceugh, in the parish of Bowness.

At Hesket, on the 23rd ult., Mr. Charles BELL, of Petteril Bank, to Miss NEWTON, of the same place,—having previously married at Gretna.

At Ainstable, on the 24th ult., Mr. John ELLWOOD, to Miss MORLAND, second daughter of Mr. Edward MORLAND.

At Greystoke, on the 17th ult., Mr. John PALMER, of Brampton, manor bailiff of the Earl of Carlisle, to Miss BLAIN, of Johnby, near Greystoke.

At Penrith, on the 28th ult., Mr. Joseph ANDREWS, skinner, to Miss Sarah VARTY; same place, on the 3rd inst., Mr, John YEATES, watch-maker, to Miss Elizabeth JACKSON.

At Crosscanonby, on the 19th ult., Mr. John SHAW, to Miss Elizabeth ROWELL, both of Allerby.

At Crosscanonby, on Monday last, Mr. Jacob WALKER, grocer, to Miss Alice BIGLAND, both of Maryport.

At Bowness Church, Windermere, on Saturday last, Mr. Thomas COWARD, Troutbeck-bridge, to Miss Ann STEVENSON, of Ambleside.

At Kendal, on Sunday last, Mr. James BROWNRIGG, to Miss Eleanor SMITH, both of Kendal.

In Liverpool, on the 13th ult., Mr. Matthew FERGUSON, joiner, Liscard, to Miss Frances MOSSOP, daughter of Mr. Isaac MOSSOP, of Calderbridge.

At Macao, on the 18th of October last, by the Reverend E. C. BRIDGMAN, Mr. John HOLLIDAY (of the firm of Messrs. HOLLIDAY, WISE, and Co., Canton and Manila), youngest son of Mr. Joseph HOLLIDAY, Causewayhead, Abbey Holme, Cumberland, to Sarah M'LELLAND, youngest daughter of the late John HAMILTON, Esq., merchant, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

[In our last we announced the marriage of Mr. CASSON, of Whitehaven, to Miss LAWSON, daughter of Mr. Pattinson LAWSON.—This was an error, committed by the clerk in copying the register: it should have been, daughter of Mr. Richard LAWSON—as it appears in our list of marriages in this day's Journal.]



At her house, Victoria Place, on Thursday last, Mrs. BUCK, advanced in years.

At her house, in Abbey Street, on the 24th ult., in the 73rd year of her age, Isabella, relict of the late Thomas ATKINSON, Esq., of this city.

In Rickergate, on Saturday last, Miss Mary ARMSTRONG, aged 66 years.

On Caldew Bridges, on the 3rd instant, aged two years and eight months, Tom, son of Mr. SIMEON, letter-press printer.

In Friar's Court, on the 24th ult., William Charles, youngest son of Mr. George TURNBULL.

In Finkle Street, Mary PATTON, aged 93 years.

In Botchergate, lately, Mr. George JOHNSTON, aged 43 years.

In Irish Damside, Mrs. Elizabeth RICHARDSON, aged 33 years.

At Upperby, Mrs. Hannah SAWYERS, aged 78 years.

At Longtown, very suddenly, Mrs. Dinah GRAHAM, widow, aged 68 years.

At Wigton, on the 26th ult., Mr. Daniel M'BOYD, aged 19 years; same place, on the 24th, Mrs. Jane HUDSON, aged 63 years.

At Standingstone, near Wigton, on the 24th ult., Mr. James JACKSON, aged 74 years.

At High Ireby, on the 27th January, the Rev. James MARSHALL, aged 92 years, who had been perpetual curate of Ireby 64 years; also, at the same place, on the 16th ult., Mrs. MARSHALL, aged 84 years, widow of the above named Rev. Jas. MARSHALL.

At Low Hesket, on the 27th ult., Isabella GASH, relict of the late Joseph GASH, of Barrow Ling, aged 58 years,—much and deservedly respected by all who knew her.

At Hamilton, on Tuesday, the 11th January, Mr. Thomas GASH, aged 24 years, late of this town, and of the firm of BLAIN and GASH, stone-cutters, Hamilton. Mr. Thomas GASH was the third brother of Mrs. BLAIN, of this place, that has departed this life within the short space of three months, all in tbe prime of life.—Niagara Reporter.—[The above three brothers were the sons of Joseph and Isabella GASH, of Barrow Ling, and of the above named Isabella GASH, of Low Hesket, in this county.]

At Penrith, on the 23rd ult., Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. John HARVEY, brewer, aged two years and seven months; same place, on the 25th ult., Mr. John NOBLE, grocer, aged 37 years; also, Esther SHEARMAN, aged 66 years; Joseph JOHNSTON, aged 73 years; John LENNOX, aged 73 years; on the 2nd instant, Moses OSTLE; and John BOOG, stone-mason.

At Sockbridge Mill, on the 23rd ult., Isabella MOUNSEY, aged 36 years.

At Alston Brewery, on the 24th ult., Mr. Joseph GIBSON, brewer, aged 66 years.

At Alston, on the 26th ult., Mary, wife of Mr. William MARTIN, weaver, aged 81 years.

At High Nentsburg, near Alston, on the 25th ult., Barbara, wife of Mr. Robert SHIELD, aged 27 years.

At Newshield Gate, near Alston, on the 27th ult., Mr. Jacob WILSON, toll-bar keeper, aged 53 years.

At Cockermouth, on Monday last, Mrs. Sarah ROOK, relict of the late Mr. John ROOK, formerly of Brigham, aged 89 years; same place, on Tuesday last, Mr. George STAGG, formerly of Huthwaite Hall, aged 66 years,—much respected.

At Workington, lately, Mr. John FARISH, blacksmith, aged 78 years.

On Saturday, the 12th ult., the Rev. Coll TURNER, minister of the Presbyterian Chapel, Workington, in communion with the Established Church of Scotland. On Saturday, the 19th, his remains were conveyed to the grave by the church ministers of the town, the incumbent of Harrington, and a vast concourse of people; and on Sabbath, the 27th, his funeral sermon was preached by the Rev. J. PARK, of Carlisle. Mr. TURNER was a native of Luss, and a licentiate of the Presbytery of Dumbarton. He officiated for a short time as assistant to the minister of Banhill, was afterwards chosen to a station at Gourock, where he preached the gospel with much faithfulness and acceptability for several years; and latterly was called to the pastoral charge of the congregation at Workington, where he laboured in the great cause of his Divine Master for the period of fourteen years.

At Keswick, on Thursday week, Isaac, son of the late Mr. mason, in the 15th year of his age. [The only Isaac whose death was registered in Cockermouth District in March Quarter 1842 was that of Isaac STANLEY, according to FreeBMD.]

At Whitehaven, on Sunday last, Dorothy, the eldest daughter of the late Mr. John CLEMENTSON, aged 21 years; same place, lately, Mrs. Ann DIXON, widow, aged 87 years; also, Ann, widow of Mr. Allan EILBECK, sawyer, aged 72 years.

In Brackenthwaite, on Wednesday week, after a short but severe illness, Miss Mary THOMPSON, sister of Mrs. CARSEWELL, of Lonsdale Place, near Whitehaven.

At Egremont, on Monday week, Miss PAUMIER, sister of the late Lieut.-Colonel PAUMIER, aged 81 years.

At Ravenglass, lately, Mrs. BAILIFF, relict of the late Mr. John BAILIFF, aged 34 years.

On the 5th of January last, at Savanilla, in the 25th year of his age, Mr. J. C. GRAHAM, chief mate of the Science, SHEDDING, of Maryport.

At Templesowerby, lately, Mr. Jacob SICE, innkeeper, aged 45 years—much respected.

At Kirkbythore, on the 18th ult., Mary, wife of Mr. Wm. ELLWOOD, blacksmith, aged 66 years.

At Knock, near Appleby, on the 22nd ult., Hannah GRAHAM, aged 18 weeks.

At Long Marton, on the 28th ult., John ROBINSON, aged 50 years.

At Bowness, Windermere, on the 23rd ult., the Hon. Mrs. CARPENTER, advanced in years. The deceased was mother to the Right Honourable Earl Tryconnel [sic – should be Earl of Tyrconnel].

At Shap, on Wednesday week, Mrs. GARSIDE, wife of Mr. GARSIDE, of the King's Arms Inn, advanced in life.

On the 21st ultimo, Emma, the beloved wife of Maitland FALCON, Esq., of Largo, Kirkcudbright, and eldest daughter of the late Joseph CHRISTIAN, Esq., of London.

In English Street, Dumfries, on the 22nd ult., Mr. John HANNAH, late of Annan.

Suddenly, at his residence in Wanlockhead, on the 20th ult., John BRAMWELL, Esq., agent there for the Duke of Buccleuch.

At Baing, parish of Straiton, Margaret PATTERSON, in her 97th year. She was the oldest parishioner, and daughter of the celebrated Robert PATTERSON, the original of Sir Walter SCOTT's "Old Mortality."

At Hull, John HARRISON, Esq., late of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, in his 80th year. He was the grandson of the celebrated John HARRISON, who discovered the longitude, in the reign of George the Third, and for which he received £20,000.

Lately, at Lons-le-Saulnier, a man who had been one of the most celebrated butchers in Paris, in the Faubourg Saint Antoine. He went under the name of Charlot, and was said to be the man who had carried the head of the Princess de Lamballe on a pike.