Saturday 18 Dec 1841   (p. 3, col. 6-7)



At Dalston, on Thursday, the 16th inst., by the Rev. Walter ELETCHER [sic – should be FLETCHER], M.A., Chancellor of this Diocese, George COWEN, Esq., to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Arthur WATSON, Esq.

At St. George's, Southwark, London, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. J. HORTON, rector, Mr. James STIMPSON, organist of the Cathedral, in this city, to Isabella Mary Clarissa MARTIN, only child of Mr. O. BRADBURY, and niece of Major MARTIN, of Guernsey.

At the Presbyterian Chapel in this city in communion with the Church of Scotland, by the Rev. John PARK, on Thursday morning last, Mr. Robert ROBINSON, to Miss Jane GRITTAN [sic – GRATTON according to FreeBMD], both of Rickergate.

At the Presbyterian Chapel, Fisher-street, on the 17th inst., by the Rev. R. HUNTER, Mr. John RAE, to Miss Elizabeth GIBSON, both of English-street.

At New York, Mr. Richard DUNCAN, silversmith, formerly of Carlisle, to Miss Elizabeth NOBLE, also late of Carlisle.

At Penrith, on the 16th inst., Thomas ELLIOT, Esq., of Alston, to Miss Sarah WESTMORLAND, Angel Inn, Penrith.

At Penrith, on the 4th inst., Mr. Thomas LITTLE, stone mason, to Miss Sarah ATKINSON; same place, on the 14th, Mr. John BELL, tailor, Castlesowerby, to Miss Elizabeth ELLIOT.

At Crosscannonby, on the 11th instant, Mr. Richard CAMPBELL, to Miss Esther HODGSON, of Maryport.

At Cockermouth, on Monday last, Mr. G. ASKINS, shoemaker, to Miss Mary HUNTER.

At Irton, on Saturday last, Mr. William PARK, of Gosforth Mill, miller, to Miss Mary ARMSTRONG, daughter of Mr. James ARMSTRONG, of Santon Bridge, miller.

At St. John's, Beckermet, on Sunday last, by the Rev. John SHEFFIELD, M.A., Mr. James SMITH, mason, Whitehaven, to Miss Mary Ann MANN, of Low Mill.

At Harrington, on Thursday week, by the Rev. Peter VON ESSEN, rector, Captain Peter FEARON, of the brig Jason, of Workington, to Miss Ann BELL, of Harrington.

At St. Bees, near Whitehaven, by the Rev. R. P. BUDDICOM, A.M., Mr. James GRAY, earthenware manufacturer, to Miss Ann ROBINSON, both of Whitehaven.

At St. John's Chapel, Hensingham, on Wednesday week, Mr. William FEARON, butler to Major SPEDDING, of Summer Grove, to Miss Jane BROWN, cook at the same place.

At St. James's Church, Whitehaven, by the Rev. John JENKINS, Mr. Alexander BROWN, shoe-maker to Miss Margaret CURWEN.

At Keswick, at St. John's Church, on the 9th instant, Mr. Peter SWINPELL [sic – SWINDLE according to FreeBMD], to Jane, daughter of Mr. Stephen BOWNESS, mason, Keswick.

At Watermillock, on Thursday, the 9th inst., by the Rev. Thomas LOWRY, John, eldest son of Thomas CASTLEHOW, Esq., of Watermilloek, to Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr. John FISHER, of Dale.

At Thirsk, on Thursday, the 9th inst., by the Rev. S. COATES, M.A., the Rev. Richard Fleming HARTLEY, M.A., eldest son of the late Rev. Samuel Richard HARTLEY, Incumbent of St. Mary's, in this city, to Mary, youngest daughter of John COATES, Esq., of Galphay, near Ripon.

At Bossal, on the 7th instant, William James Hope JOHNSTONE, younger, of Annandale, to the Hon. Octavia Sophia Bosville MACDONALD, youngest daughter of the late Lord M'DONALD.

At Annan, last week, by the Rev. James MONILAWS, Mr. John WARD, of Holm, Culhorn, to Miss Agnes ELLIOTT, daughter of Mr. W. ELLIOT.

At Langholm, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. W. B. SHAW, Mr. David ROBB, stocking maker, to Miss Mary PARK.

At St. James's Church, by the Rev R. ALLWOOD, B.A., Mr. E. J. F. CRAWFORD, of Adelaide, South Australia, to Frances, daughter of Captain John MITCHELL, of Liverpool, and sister to Captain W. C. MITCHELL, of the ship Frankfield, now in this port.


At St. Alban's Row, in this city, on Monday last, Mrs. Elizabeth PEIRCY, aged 57 years.

In King Street, Botchergate, on Thursday last, Mary, wife of Mr. John ELLIOT, carpenter, aged 37 years.

In the House of Recovery, on Thursday last, Mr. Thomas JONES, of Spring Garden Lane, in this city, aged 72 years.

At Upperby, near this city, on Wednesday last, Mr. William Mc.AUCHEY, aged 79 years.

At Kingmoor House, near this city, on the 2nd instant, aged 76, Mrs. HASWELL, relict of the late Mr. Robert HASWELL, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

At Chalk Side, on the 11th inst., Mr. John HUNTINGTON, late of Curthwaite, aged 71—much respected.

At Prospect House, in the parish of Bromfield, on the 11th inst., John, only son of Mr. William ARMSTRONG, aged 19 years, whose early death is deeply lamented by his relations and friends, to whom he was endeared by many amiable qualities of disposition.

At Stone House Lodge, near Brampton, on Friday, the 10th inst., Mrs. HUDSPITH, aged 28 years.

At Rigg of Gretna, on the 8th instant, awfully sudden, Mr. G. WISHART, of the Fish-house, Kirkcudbright.

At Uppermains, parish of Cummertrees, Mr. W. BEATTIE, sen., aged 92 years, a man highly respected. He was father of the Rev. Alexander BEATTIE, of one of the Secession Churches of Glasgow.

At Wigton, on Thursday, the 9th inst., Miss Ann BARNES, eldest daughter of Robert BARNES, late of Scales, in the parish of Bromfield, dress-maker, aged 29 years. Her death will be deeply regretted by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintance, to whom her kind and amiable disposition has endeared her.

At Wigton, on the 9th inst., Joseph OGILVIE, aged 35 years.

At Hazelhead, in the Parish of Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. William HOWE, aged 73 years.

At Laithes, on Tuesday, the 7th inst., William, the son of Mr. Wm. TURNER, aged 21 years.

At Barrow Mill, near High Hesket, on Tuesday last, Rachel, the wife of Mr. Henry DENISON, aged 64.

At Penrith, on Saturday last, Mrs. Mary BOLTON, of the General Wolfe Inn, aged 62 years.

At Penrith, on the 12th inst., Mr. Robert HOLMES, second son of the late Mr. Isaac HOLMES, currier, of this city, aged 64 years.

At Shap, on the 9th inst., Mr. Edward SARGINSON, stone mason, aged 21.

At Penrith work-house, Issac GASKIN, aged 50.

At Skirwith, near Penrith, on the 13th instant, aged 66, Mr. Richard ATKINSON, yeoman, highly esteemed in the circle of his acquaintance.

At Craig, near Alston, on the 11th inst., Mr. Thomas HOLMES, aged 66 years.

At Bongate, Appleby, on Sunday, the 12th inst., Mason STEPHENSON, Esq., Coroner, aged 38 years—much and deservedly respected by a numerous circle of relatives and friends. The poor in the neighbourhood of Appleby will long feel the loss of so valuable a friend.

At Cockermouth, on Wednesday week, Elizabeth, the wife of Mr. William IRVING, shoe-maker, aged 78 years.

At Cobra Castle, near Egremont, last week, after a long and painful illness, Mary, wife of Mr. Wm. JENKINSON, and daughter of Mr. HUNTER, of that place, aged 29 years.

At Haile, near Egremont, on Thursday week, Jane, daughter of Mr. Moses HALE, aged 32 years.

At Egremont, on Monday last, Joyce, daughter of Mr. Anthony Mc.CLELLAN, manufacturer, aged 8 years.

At Workington, since our last, Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. Bernard BURNS, aged 19 years.

At Harrington, on Monday week. the 6th inst., Miss Eleanor JACKSON, aged 19 years.

At sea, on the 4th of November, on board the Regina, METCALF, of Harrington, from St. Domingo for London, Mr. Ralph BLACKETT, of Arrowthwaite, near Whitehaven, mate of the above-named vessel, in the prime of life.

At Whitehaven, on Sunday morning last, Miss YOUNGER, daughter of the late John YOUNGER, Esq.

At Whitehaven, on Sunday last, Mr. John GOWAN, ship-keeper, at the great age of 89 years; same place, Mr. Thomas HARDING, aged 68 years.

At Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, Mary, relict of Mr. Richard LEDGER, aged 76 years; much and deservedly respected by all who knew her.

Lost overboard, near the Island of St. Domingo, on the 9th of September last, during a severe gale, Mr. C. BRUNT, chief mate of the Essequibo, of London, and eldest son of the Rev. J. BRUNT, Incumbent of Cleator, near Whitehaven, aged 25 years.

At Calcutta, on the 6th of October, of apoplexy, Mr. Edward KNUBLEY, late of Whitehaven, aged 21 years, eldest son of E. C. KNUBLEY, Esq., solicitor.

At Calcutta, on the first of October, of cholera, after a short illness, aged 22 years, William, only son of Mr. William COWMAN, of Whitehaven.

At Calcutta, on the 15th of October, Richard FRANKS, of Whitehaven, apprentice on board the Enchantress, of Whitehaven.

At Great Bromley Lodge, near Colchester, Essex, on Tuesday, tbe 30th ult., William BATEMAN, Esq., late of this county.

At Castlewellan, Ireland, lately, Mr. John BOWSTEAD, aged 62 years; and on the 30th ult., at Bampton, near Lowther, Miss Elizabeth Mounsey BOWSTEAD, aged 61; the eldest son and daughter of the Rev. John BOWSTEAD, B.D., lately deceased.

At Ballymacrock, Wexford, on Thursday, last week, two sisters, Anatasia and Mary FURLONG, the former 103, and the latter 105 years of age. They literally lived and died together, and their mortal remains now occupy the same resting place. Who will say, after these examples, that single blessedness is not conducive to longevity, neither of these females having ever entered into the bonds of wedlock.—Waterford Independent.

DEATH OF DR. FORBES.—It may have reached you before, but whether so or not, I am sorry to inform you of the death of Dr. FORBES. He was murdered in a most cruel and dastardly manner, but the fault originated with himself. On the right bank of the Helmund, one of the chiefs told him that his life was in danger, and that he ought not to proceed; but after remaining three days he determined to go on. Some days after his departure a party of horsemen overtook him, and stated that they were friends of his, and when they arrived at the encamping ground, on the banks of the river, they first, on the plea of curiosity, got his pistols from him; they then asked to be allowed to look at his double-barelled gun; they then took up his sword, and having secured all, they plunged him immediately into the river, but finding they could not drown him as queitly [sic] as they wished, they literally knocked him to pieces.—Bengal Harkaru.

At Cairo, on the 15th ult., of fever, the celebrated German female traveller, Baroness DINGLAGE, of Hanover. She was about 50 years of age; she travelled alone, and was preparing to set out on a visit to the ruins of Thebes.