Saturday 14 Aug 1841   (p. 3, col. 7)



At Rampsbeck Lodge, near Penrith, on Monday, the 2nd instant, the Lady of Francis B. ATKINSON, Esq., of a Son.

An extraordinary birth excites at this moment the curiosity of the inhabitants of the little commune of Saint Andre. A woman has brought into the world two infants, who are held together, like the Siamese twins, by an indissoluble fleshy bond of union. But one circumstance renders the viability of these twins impossible:—they are so attached as that while one of them has his feet downwards, the other has his upwards—and reciprocally; so that they could live in a horizontal position, and on condition of remaining at rest during their existence. These two children are of remarkable beauty, as far as can be judged from their age. The mother could not suckle them both at once; but when one is suckled, the other seems to receive his share of the nourishment, for he immediately ceases his cries.


At Aspatria Church, on the 10th instant, John NORMAN, Esq., solicitor, of Fisher Street, in this city, to Judith Chambers, only surviving daughter of the late John REED, Esq., of Know Hill, Holm Cultram.

At Wigton, on Tuesday, the 10th instant, Mr. John HODGSON, tailor, to Isabella, daughter of Mr. William FELL, slater.

At Workington, on Sunday, the 8th instant, Mr. James WILSON, mariner, to Miss Rachael MANDALL.

At Egremont, on Saturday, the 7th instant, Mr. James TELFORD, to Miss Martha FISHER.

At Hensingham, on Saturday, the 31st July, Mr. Isaac HODGSON, of Cleator Hall, to Miss TYSON, of Montreal, near Hensingham.

At Whitehaven, lately, Mr. William CASSON, to Miss Maria DIXON; Mr. Charles PEARSON, to Miss Mary KIRKPATRICK; and Mr. James HAWTHORN, to Miss Mary MASON.


On Tuesday, the 3rd instant, at her house in George's Street, where she had resided nearly 35 years, Mrs. EWART, aged 84 years. She retained, till the last hour of her life, all the energies of a vigorous and well regulated mind. Although she had survived almost all the companions of her youth, her death is lamented by an extensive and highly respectable circle of acquaintance, to whom she was endeared by her kind and cheerful disposition, and by whom she was esteemed for the honourable consistency, with which, during a long and exemplary life, she maintained her religious principles and profession.

On Monday last, the 9th instant, Ann, the wife of Mr. John JACKSON, of Caldew Bridge, aged 71 years.

In the Willow Holme, on the 9th instant, Mrs. Isabella ARMSTRONG, aged 64 years.

At Wetheral, on the 7th instant, Mary, wife of Mr. T. GILL, in the 49th year of her age.

At Kirkbampton, on Thursday last, Mrs. Ann HODGSON, aged 76 years.

At Wigton, on Thursday, the 5th instant, Mr. Thomas ARMSTRONG, aged 73 years.

At Wigton, on the 6th instant, John, son of Mr. John PARKIN, calico printer, aged four years.

At Penrith, on Wednesday, the 4th instant, Anne, wife of Mr. BOWMAN, surgeon, and daughter of J. L. HARRISON, M.D., of Penrith.

At Workington, on Saturday, the 7th instant, suddenly, Captain James RUTH, advanced in years.

At Cockermouth Union Workhouse, on Monday, the 9th instant, Sarah COULTHARD, of Ellenborough, aged 24 years.

At Rothersyke, near Egremont, on Saturday, the 24th ult., Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Thomas ROBINSON, aged 34 years.

At Grange, near Egremont, on Wednesday, the 4th instant, Abraham, son of Mr. Richard SOUTHWARD, aged ten years.

At Whitehaven, on Sunday, the 8th instant, Mr. David MOORE, of the Buck's Head Inn, aged 34 years.

In Elswick Lane, Newcastle, on the 10th ult., Ann, only daughter of Mr. Robert MORRISON, merchant tailor, aged eleven years.