Saturday 19 Jun 1841   (p. 3, col. 8)



At St. Mary's Church, on Thursday last, by the Rev. James CARTMELL, A.M., Samuel, the youngest son of John RIDLEY, Esq., of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to Jane, only daughter of the late Mr. James CARTMELL, of this city.

At St. Cuthbert's, on the 16th inst., by the Rev. James THWAITES, Mr. Jacob CLEMENTSON, of Kirkoswald, to Miss FINLINSON, of Devonshire Street.

At Trinity Church, Liverpool, on Monday, the 7th instant, Mr. Daniel HOWARD, of Manchester, to Miss Jane HOPE, daughter of the late Mr. W. HOPE, mail guard, of this city.

At the Register Office, Brampton, on Wednesday last, Mr. Wm. RICHARDSON, of Solemain, to Miss Elizabeth LITTLE, of Kirkcambeck, in the parish of Lanercost.

At Crosby Ravensworth, on the 16th inst., Mr. SEWETH, of Moss House, near Sedburgh, to Mrs. HOLMES, widow of the late Captain HOLMES.

At Eamont Bridge, Mr. John MORRISON to Miss Isabella STOCKDALE, both of Eamont Bridge.

At Plumbland, on Monday, the 14th inst., by the Rev. Mr. BUSHE, Mr. W. B. INMAN, of Liverpool, surgeon, to Miss Henrietta M. LESLIE.

At Florence, John C. Curwen, fourth son of Edward BOYD, Esq., of Merton Hall, Wigton, to Margaret, only daughter of Robert CAMPBELL, jun., Esq., of Sydney, New South Wales.

At Torpenhow, on the 22nd ult., Mr. Joseph NELSON, of Rash, in the parish of Bolton, to Mary, daughter of Mr. John BOWE, of Bewaldeth, yeoman; and at the same place, on the 29th, Mr. Isaac FOX, to Miss Ann CARTMEL, both of Bewaldeth.

At Crosscannonby, lately, Captain TICKLE, of the Mary and Frances, to Miss Eleanor M'DONALD, both of Maryport.

At Bootle, on Monday, the 14th instant, Mr. Hugh PARKER, to Miss Jane TAYLOR, both of that parish.

At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Saturday, the 12th instant, Mr. Joseph WESTRAY, to Miss Margaret WILKINSON, both of Thirlspot, St. John's, near Keswick.

At St. John's Church, Keswick, on Tuesday, the 8th instant, Mr. JEFFERSON, druggist, Cockermouth, to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. Thomas DIXON, of Keswick.

At St. John's Church, Workington, on the 8th inst., by the Rev. W. JACKSON, A.M., Mr. Richard PAPE, of Winscales, to Miss Catherine LINTON, of Workington.

At Egremont, on Monday last, Mr. William DOUGAN to Miss Jane JOHNSON, dress-maker.

At St. Nicholas's Chapel, Whitehaven, Mr. Thomas MARTIN, of Harrington, to Isabella, daughter of the late Mr. Joseph RAVEN, of Whitehaven, manufacturer.

At Alston, on the 12th inst., Mr. Joseph ROBSON to Miss Isabella ELLIOTT, both of Nenthead; on the 13th, Mr. Jonathan WALTON to Miss Margaret HOUNAM, both of Alston; and on the 17th, Mr. James ATKINSON, to Miss Hannah CARR, both of Nenthead.



In Castle Street, on Monday, the 14th inst., Mr. Pearson HORNSBY, aged 32 years.

In Scotch Street, since our last, Joseph, son of Mrs. PICKUP, Green Dragon Inn, aged 17 years.

In Henry Street, lately, Mrs. Jane THRELKELD, aged 77 years.

In Shaddongate, since our last, Daniel ATKINSON, aged 53.

In London, on Monday last, June 14th, after a lingering illness, Mr. Jacob URWIN, formerly with Messrs. T. and W. HUTTON, Carlisle, and for the last eight years traveller for Messrs. CARMAC, Son, and OLIVER, seedsmen, Newcross, London, much and deservedly esteemed by his numerous friends and acquaintances.

At Burnriggs, near Warwick Bridge, on Friday, the 11th inst., Elizabeth, the wife of Mr. Matthew SMITH, aged 30 years.

At Crosby, on the 9th inst., Mr. Thomas ALLINSON, late of Tallentire, aged 56 years.

Andrew GRAHAM, late of Longtown, chief mate of the ship Agness Ewing, deeply regretted. Deceased was lost overboard in a storm at sea on the 29th April last,

At Stainton, near Penrith, on the 5th inst., Ann, the widow of the late Joseph SANDER, bone setter, of that place, aged 62 years. Mrs. SANDER was a kind friend to the poor, and ever ready to assist those in distress, and her memory will be long cherished in the little circle in which she moved.

At Penrith, on the 14th inst., suddenly, of apoplexy, Mr. John THOMPSON, late of the Russian Bear Inn, Netherend, Penrith, aged 64 years; same place, on the 17th, Rachael, wife of Mr. Thomas GRAHAM, shoemaker, one of the Society of Friends, aged 65 years.

At Thursby, on Friday, the 11th inst., Mary, only child of Mr. Edward TRIMBLE, tailor, aged 19 months.

At Wigton, on Sunday last, Mr. David IRVING, miller, aged 33 years.

At the Union Workhouse, Wigton, on Tuesday last, John ATKINSON, aged 60 years.

At Tarnside, in the parish of Wigton, on Saturday last, Jane, daughter of Mr. William CORRY, aged 17 years.

At Allerby, on the 9th inst., Mrs. HODGSON, relict of the late Thomas HODGSON, of Maryport, aged 76 years.

At the Workhouse, Bootle, on the 7th inst., Ann SCOTT, of the parish of Corney, a native of Papcastle, near Cockermouth, aged 78 years.

At Dearham, on the 23rd ult., suddenly, Miss CURRIE, only sister of Rev. James CURRIE, Vicar of that place.

At Allonby, on the 5th inst., Mrs. Sarah MULLENDER, wife of Mr. Joshua MULLENDER, grocer, aged 72 years.

At Keswick, on Sunday week, Mary, the wife of Mr. John CROSTHWAITE, of that place; and on Monday last, Maria, daughter of the said Mr. John Crosthwaite, aged 16 years—both of typhus fever.

At Maryport, on the 11th inst., Mrs. Jane PEARSON, aged 85 years; and lately, at the same place, Mrs. Agness WALKER, aged 73.

At South Scales, near Greystoke, lately, very suddenly, Henry, son of Mr. Jacob SEWELL, of Workington, aged 18 years.

At Workington, lately, Miss Elizabeth JAMES, aged 32 years; Mary, wife of Mr. Jos. JOHNSTONE, aged 76; Saunderson, son of Mrs. Ann WATSON, aged 4 years.

At Beckermont, lately, after a protracted illness, Margaret, daughter of Mr. John SOUTHWARD, aged 22 years.

At Grange, near Egremont, on Sunday last, Mr. Isaac COOK, yeoman, aged 68 years, much respected.

At Egremont, on Saturday last, after a long illness, Mr. John MOSSOP, son of the late Mr. John MOSSOP, formerly of Beckcoat, aged 23 years, very deservedly respected by all who knew him.

At Crossfield, near Cleator, on Monday last, Mr. John BELL, son of Mr. Peter BELL, yeoman, of that place, aged 46 years, late relieving officer under the Whitehaven Union, for Preston Quarter; a worthy inoffensive man, and much respected.

At Rowe, near Cleator, on the 7th inst., the residence of her son, Mr. Francis DOUGLAS, Mrs. Dorothy DOUGLAS, relict of the late Mr. John DOUGLAS, formerly of Ravenglass, aged 90 years, highly esteemed through life.

In Douglas Bourne, Whitehaven, on Sunday last, Mr. John PEARSON, innkeeper, aged 76 years; June 12th, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Henry CROSBY, of Littledale Lane, aged 51 years.

At Alston, on the 12th inst., Jane WALTON, widow of the late Mr. Robert WALTON, formerly of Castle Nook, aged 84 years.

At Heights, near Appleby, on the 10th inst., Mr. Michael YARE, aged 26 years, much respected.

In Albany Street, Regent's Park, London, on Thursday, the 10th inst., the Rev. Theophilus LESSEY, Wesleyan Minister, and late President of the Conference, in the 54th year of his age, and thirty-third year of his ministry.